The arms are comprised of the forearms and the upper arms. Most focus during a workout will be on the upper arms, which are made up of the biceps and triceps. The forearms naturally get trained while training other muscle groups, including any exercise where a strong grip is necessary. Well developed triceps and biceps will fit nicely with well developed shoulders to provide a strong upper body look.

Exercise Basics

The muscles of the arms are one of the most sought after parts to develop. Your upper arm consists two thirds of triceps and one third of biceps, making the triceps muscle the larger of the two. Therefore, if you seek to gain more size in your arms, be sure to focus on the triceps to a greater degree. In men there is usually a strong emphasis placed on training the biceps over triceps. On the other hand, many women feel that they need to tone up the triceps area since over time, skin and fat begins to hang and look unappealing with age. Toning up the triceps is the solution to this common problem. Complete arm development requires the training of both biceps and triceps.

Composing muscles

Exercises used in our workouts