We all want great abs! Abdominals have come to be the center piece of the physique, a real show piece. Both men and women have 'great abs' or '6-pack' on their goal lists. Nothing is more appealing than a healthy and fit body with a nicely trimmed waist. The important key for anybody to realize is that everyone has abdominals, they are simply covered in fat and need toning. Now, I must point out that you cannot spot reduce fat from your abdominal region; when you lose fat, it is lost equally throughout your entire body. However, you can encourage this fat loss process by exercising the abdominals regularly. It is essential to take into consideration that to have a complete abdominal development, you must train all the four areas of the abdominal region equally. The hardest area to see progress in are the lower abdominals, but this is only due to the fact that more fat is stored there than in the other areas.

Anatomy and Benefits

The abdomen, or abdominal region is actually composed of 6 muscle groups that are located and attached from the ribs to the pelvis region. These are referred to as the core region and are responsible for moving, flexing and supporting the trunk areas. Amongst the benefit of having a slim torso, having strong abdominal and core muscles reduces lower back pain an aches and increases stability to your torso.

Exercise Basics

The muscles of the arms are one of the most sought after parts to develop. Your arm consists two thirds of triceps and one third of biceps, making the triceps muscle the larger of the two. Therefore, if you seek to gain more size in your arms, be sure to focus on the triceps to a greater degree. In men there is usually a strong emphasis placed on training the biceps over triceps. On the other hand, many women feel that they need to tone up th triceps area since over time, skin and fat begins to hang and look un-appealing with age. Toning up the triceps is the solution to this common problem. Complete arm development requires the training of both biceps and triceps.

Composing muscles

Exercises used in our workouts