Single Arm Overhead Tricep Extensions


  • This movement is performed in a seated or standing position.
  • If standing, stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent to relieve stress from lower back. If sitting, keep your back straight and don't hunch over. Place one hand on your waist for balance and grasp a dumbbell with your other hand.
  • Begin with your elbow pointing straight up and bent at a 90 degree angle. Raise the dumbbell straight up, keeping your elbow stationary. Pause and contract your triceps.
  • Slowly lower the dumbbell back to the starting position or until you feel a slight stretch. Pause and repeat the movement.
  • Repeat for both arms.


  • This is a very effective exercise for overall triceps development. The movement must be performed very slowly to gain the intended benefits and avoid injury. Be sure to keep your elbow still and to contract at the top.
Primary muscles Triceps
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