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  • still at it

    muscles getting bigger and getting stronger still 5 days strength training and 7 days 8 mile bike rides. can't get rid of the man boobs and belly and triceps arm fat fast enough but still going. met a workout buddy at the gym so we motivate eac...
    by: mattaz on: 2016/11/29

    So this is going to be my venting spot for me working out and being on my weight loss journey. So let me start off by introducing myself...My name is Razia, but people call me Raz for short. So let me say that I have been on a weight loss journey ...
    by: raziah661 on: 2016/11/29
  • 11.29.16

    M 2 rounds 15 reps each 1 round 13 incline crunches (assisted last round)
    by: Unluckynomad on: 2016/11/29
  • Day 1 FOR REAL!

    0628HRS just waiting to clock out at work then stop by to see my mother and trade headphones. After that I am neededbat home to hurry little man off to school and take my wife to court for her hearing about Joe. I didn't get much sleep before work...
    by: MisterJ21216 on: 2016/11/28
  • my mission

    ive had subacromial bursitis and have been on light duties at work. i recieved a cortizone injection on tuesday the 7th november and i am at the point where i need to rebuild my strength. i found this website and im giving it a go.
    by: jnrvmqc on: 2016/11/27
  • Fitness buff, no thanks. Slim fit is more like it.

    Hello whoever ends up reading this. I don't know how things work here. I'm very new to it. If i do attract attention, thank you and sorry, I think would be most apt. Thank you for letting me rant, and sorry for ranting.. :P I've never been re...
    by: Shoveit on: 2016/11/27
  • DELAYNA in this

    I a 18 years old girl from Oklahoma been fat all life unhappy about it need help
    by: dfz6jx2sm4 on: 2016/11/22
  • Need to lose weight

    I have to lose 50 pounds.  I am hoping that building muscle will help burn fat.
    by: Colenso on: 2016/11/21
  • Newbie

    So I'm a newbie to this site but not exactly new to the gym scene. I go to my schools workout room every day Monday through Friday. I have for a few weeks. But I don't know what to do in there and feel pathetic so I only use the treadmill. Now I u...
    by: WishToBePretty on: 2016/11/18
  • I'm sore!!!!

    MY first work out was yesterday and i did it with my mom. I had to force her basically. and i took us forever and a day to get through it because she kept stoping to dance, and talk, and drink wine. I wouldn't have had my first workout any other w...
    by: SweetMarine on: 2016/11/18
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