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  • 05.25.16

    Walked to Snap Fitness and back. Got sun.  Worked lats: lat pull downs, lat machine rows. Did ab hyperextensions, and obliques.  Did machine leg raises and crunch. Did abs: v sits with ball on ankles; russiona twist, plank on 6# ball, leg extensio...
    by: vwoman8 on: 2016/05/25
  • Starting out

    Sooooo, I just started a 12-week gym workout yesterday. I recently finished a round of personal training at my gym and wanted to venture out on my own on the gym floor. I'm working on upper body strength because I'm also trying to get better at po...
    by: Mykoshia on: 2016/05/24
  • Exercise

    Today I felt really motivated to workout.😀 I feel great after doing my workout and wanted to do more. So I did a little bit more but didn't push it too much.
    by: katherine7355 on: 2016/05/23
  • Start

    Bench 1rep max 55kg Pull-ups 3 Push-ups best 40 Weight 95kg Height 6ft 5"
    by: Pleenrp on: 2016/05/23
  • Hello!

    I really hope this works this time , I am determinates to change my body and to be happy . This is a compromise with myself.
    by: thegirlwhodidit on: 2016/05/21
  • Tuesday, 5/17

    30 min tredmill 5 min rowing 15 min eliptical 50 min total 10 min streaching
    by: wig44 on: 2016/05/17
  • Monday 5/16

    First day at Granite. 30 min tredmill, 15 min eliptical, 15 min streaching
    by: wig44 on: 2016/05/17
  • Get tone and fit

    by: Queenb12 on: 2016/05/16
  • Cardio is not included

    Hi there!, I am very excited to take advantage of the home plan workouts and from what I can tell it is going to be beneficial.  I am wondering why there is no cardio listed in the workout plan.  I do alot of walking and hiking so I will contin...
    by: TFullerton on: 2016/05/16
  • Committing myself - Hopefully!

    Well, guess if it's on-line. I'll have to stick to it. Took dog out for slow walk this morning, though not too far. He's too old and I have work to get to. This evening, I'll do an hour's aquafit at my local gym. I will need to invest in a ...
    by: RitaKellett1 on: 2016/05/09
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