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    What better way to get motivated to get into shape than the delivery of the corset for your wedding dress...that was the largest they carried... and will need a little work to get in to. LOL!   But seriously, off and on fitness routines over th...
    by: justina72 on: 2017/02/22
  • My journey.

    My journey began Mach 2016. I've lost 87 lbs and am trying to reach my 120 lb mark. I joined this thing to help keep myself motivated and accounted for during the rest of my journey. Also, a Cancun trip in my near future doesn't hurt either :) I h...
    by: ebags21 on: 2017/02/21
  • Help!

    I need some advice on how to stay motivated and keep with my workout plan.
    by: alexandriamasuc on: 2017/02/21
  • The Journey Starts!

    So I am a young guy who wrecked a nice life by not doing anything physical since I was 16-ish. I have 2 kids and started feeling extremely fatigue after running after them for like 3 minutes and had just enough about it. I decided it was time t...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/02/21
  • Pain in shoulder

    My shoulder started hurting again during push ups. I had surgery on it once a while ago.
    by: Jsanders420 on: 2017/02/15
  • I started today

    I am starting out with the at home workout, 3 days a week at beginner.  Good enough work out for right now. My right shouolder hurts a little but this will help it I think.
    by: Jsanders420 on: 2017/02/13
  • Starting out

    Joined gym two days ago, first time in gym for over 10 years, feeling a bit daunted. Determined to stick with it and lose weight and get fit. Being a guy in his mid 50's I am unsure what exercises to do for best effect.
    by: Caddy61 on: 2017/02/12
  • Shoulders

    15 mins elliptical Ab twist Ab crunch Shoulder - military press Shoulder - pull Shoulder ? 30 mins elliptical
    by: volusia35 on: 2017/02/11
  • Cardiovascular day

    30 min elliptical Twist machine Back extentions 10 mins treadmil 5 mins recumbent bike
    by: volusia35 on: 2017/02/10
  • Life & Flexibility

    Wednesday was my "off" day, but I ended up with some extra time to go for a long, brisk walk with my husband. Today, I missed the gym due to a hectic schedule. I started a new job today, so that meant moving A LOT of furniture, books, supplies, et...
    by: Blonde_40 on: 2017/02/09
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