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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • Day 1 Monday 19th

    Ran on the treadmill for 35 mins keeping my heart rate at 150bpm
    by: grayhound3456 on: 2016/09/19
  • motation look up day

    I have yo yoed my why to 156 lb i can not remember the last time i weighed under 120
    by: demonsfire on: 2016/09/17
  • First workout in

    In attempt to workout post running knee injury, but avoid the gym, I have joined this. It sticks well with my love to HIIT, and gives me a great way to set my timer and go hard plus provides me with the assigned exercise to perform. Thank you!
    by: lawlong1 on: 2016/09/15
  • Back on the grind!

    Ok, so... after a week away on holiday in the Isle of Wight and feeling rather more round than previously, its time to get back on things. Now im the first to admit i have NO routine at the gym; not a really effective one anyway, so, i thoug...
    by: OzzyCoco1993 on: 2016/09/13
  • Enough is enough!

    I have one year until I hit the big 5 0. I have turned being a stay-at-home mom and homeschooling my son into a career of sitting on my butt. I had gastric bypass surgery in 2009, which allowed me to lose 130 pounds of my then weight of 350. But h...
    by: ladygrey67 on: 2016/09/10
  • Im new

    My weight is 80 kg and I need to lose my weight to be fit
    by: Born_darkness on: 2016/09/10
  • Introduction

    I consider myself active and have been for the past four years. In 2012 I was approaching 300 lbs and knew I had to do something! I started by walking short distances with little resistance. Then I started adding longer distances and incorporating...
    by: Ronimal on: 2016/09/05
  • Starting Over for the MILLIONTH Time

    So about 6 weeks ago, I started doing a certain 12-week workout program and was not satisfied with the progressive results. The workouts made me feel like I was indeed doing something but what I was seeing in the mirror made me hate myself more an...
    by: MelBelle28 on: 2016/08/30
  • Cardio Exercise

    Today I've done exercise more than the regular days. I ran on treadmill for about 26 minutes and covered a distance of about 2.5 KM.
    by: KULKING on: 2016/08/30
  • First day back training

    Felt good for just getting back into some exercise. Core and chest workout today.
    by: meezer42 on: 2016/08/29
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