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  • First Day at the Gym

    So I've never been to a gym before and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. It was what I consider fun. I tried a little bit of everything and I didn't feel like I was being judged for not knowing how to use any of the equipment. It was a friendly env...
    by: Oxymorongetfit on: 2016/04/26
  • Stoked

    Found a reason to get motivated a mth to get myself in some kinda shape again..then keep on it afterwards...Here goes nothing :)
    by: Miggsy on: 2016/04/24
  • First time for everything!!!

    So after years of working construction and not doing anything physical when I would get home and after years of putting off the inevitable, I joined this awesome sight. And now whenever I want a different type of training without paying for a gym ...
    by: bomber_dud on: 2016/04/23
  • Today I made a choice

    Hey Everyone! I'm glad to be a part of this community now. Today, I made a decision to start living the life I want to live. I haven't played sports in 4 years since my fourth concussion but I decided it is time to start a new chapter. I am out of...
    by: [Former member] on: 2016/04/19
  • today is day 1

    Today is day one starting a new exercise program using this program hopefully this program can keep me on track. He does not three weeks till 100 mile ride
    by: emt184548 on: 2016/04/17
  • Start of my journey

    Today I start my new me journey. Found out that my fiance is going away for 2 months and I want to surprise him with a more healthier me. He loves me just as I am but I'm sure he would love someone he can have kids with. Yes I'm over weight but th...
    by: KWilliams90 on: 2016/04/13
  • wow... day 6 already!

    another day of exercise done! I get to see how much more progress I've made in two days time! :)
    by: Kitty__16 on: 2016/04/13
  • Slower is definitely better ...

    Well, for me at least! I decided to slow down what I do for my exercise and take more time doing each thing, not do more of them, just do them slower, more deliberately, and I feel like I did the first day I started, though not quite as sore!! ...
    by: Kitty__16 on: 2016/04/11
  • day 4

    I am currently 1 kilo less than I was this time last week and 2cm smaller around the middle! Yay! I'm glad to see progress. And all it is taking is 30 minutes 3 days a week! I haven't bothered changing my diet, simply because all the diets I've...
    by: Kitty__16 on: 2016/04/08
  • first day cardio workout

    today i want to the boxing gym that my husband gose to. i thought it was fun and i like got over there because i know every one that there. but to day was my first do really working out with every one.
    by: jtruesdell15 on: 2016/04/07
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