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  • weight on dates

    weight 249 on 7/21/17
    by: eric01981 on: 2017/07/21
  • Hey y'all

    Well hi :-) i'm ky and I'm new here  My main goal is to lose a little bit more fat and start to tone my body  I work out 7 days a week on top of being a swim instructor  I love having people to motivate me and support me and I will do the same ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/07/20
  • Fell like dieing

    19/07-72017 Day 2 and first day in the gym with my new exercice routine. My arms feel like jello and i don't know how am i draging my ass to the gym today but i feel good, doing something for myself. Good training everyone, hugs
    by: Knikt on: 2017/07/20
  • Should I or shouldn't I..??

    So, my husband has been on the keto diet for some time now and I was thinking about doing it with him. It would make more sense since we would only have to buy food for one diet instead or two separate. My main concern would be losing my butt. ...
    by: KristinWinstead on: 2017/07/19
  • First Day

    7/19/17 Went in to get a feel for the place. Stayed for a little while then left. Didn't stay very long. EXERCISES 4 sets of sit ups (15 each) 3 sets of incline bench dumbell flies (20 - 16 - 14) -- only used the 20 pound dumbells. Lat...
    by: majikhan on: 2017/07/19
  • My first day

    18/07/2017 After years of avoiding going to the gym my lazy ass is back. Fist group class ever and after 45 min of sweaty pain BodyPump is now on my to do list. Tomorrow is time for cardio and core Wish me luck
    by: Knikt on: 2017/07/19

    NO PAIN NO GAIN...!!!   Salam olahraga,   Saya sebagai freelance personal trainer,yang berlokasi dijakarta dan depok.Saat ini saya ingin membantu anda untuk program fitness yang cepat dan efektif. Selama ini saya sudah terbiasa membantu anda ...
    by: Ade_yahya on: 2017/07/18
  • The Perfect Body

    The Perfect Body For Myself: --------------------------------------------------------- -Weight:70-80(kg) -High:185-190(cm) -Body type i want:Athletic -Fat %:Low  -Muscle:High ----------------------------------------------
    by: Lecko.No1 on: 2017/07/15
  • Back at it.

    So, last year I got into a big weight loss fit, joined Planet Fitness and lost about 20 pounds, but with the hours my work was giving me, I had to stop and just never got back into it. So I finally decided I'm going to start back and do it the rig...
    by: mwill94 on: 2017/07/09
  • Summer holiday... food, lounging around, food...

    It has been a while and returned from an awesome holiday. It basically consisted out of eating food, sleeping, being driven around the country, and more delicious food. We did not even have to carry our own luggage. Not lifting one finger! And...
    by: MJK86 on: 2017/07/05
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