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  • Starts Today!!!

    Starting my new calender today! Hopefully I feel a burn tomorrow from my work out plan for today haha. Yay.
    by: summerrallen on: 2016/08/28
  • So yesterday....

    I did work out on Friday, I did a spin class and a weights class, then I showered and went to play with my daughter. The thing I love best about my new schedule is I don't have to work out or feel guilty about not working out on Sat & Sunday becau...
    by: Amypet on: 2016/08/27
  • Are you unenergised,unmotivated and down on your body?

    Hi,Im a 34yr old mum of four.My last baby is 3.It wasnt overnight but i do have a figure im proud of and it was a shock for me to learn four six or twelve weeks of diet and excersise is not the amswer.The secret is learning to get out and walk! I...
    by: aweekes34 on: 2016/08/26
  • Thursday - the plan

    Hooray for day two! Especially the Before we Begin part - it always feels so optimistic. Still a bit stiff from yesterday, even using no weight the repititions of the muscle movement as this old body stiff, or am I always stiff, that too. I slept ...
    by: Amypet on: 2016/08/25
  • 1.00 pm Wednesday, Day 1

    So, Hi! I'm Amy. I have been working out with trainers for the past 4 years and loving it. But I couldn't really afford to keep up the lifestyle (They are expensive!) So I took the course and got certified to be a PT, which is great, but I don't w...
    by: Amypet on: 2016/08/24
  • ready to push further

    274 lbs....5'3 been walking for 3 months and in weights for 2 months.....started at 240lbs gained 35 lbs I muscles.....need to loose some major fat
    by: wolfangel830123 on: 2016/08/24
  • Average bench for a 14 year old

    Hi I am 14 and can bench 185 And I think that is quite good but I would like to know your guys bench. You can check out my Instagram at athleteanonymous1
    by: Sambo14 on: 2016/08/23
  • 1st day

    Just finished day 1 of workout. Can't even do 1 push up, so that sucks. Hopefully I will look back at this when I'm ripped and laugh. Arm muscles are killing me, legs doing fine.
    by: username2088 on: 2016/08/19
  • Starting Out (Again...)

    Okay,  Here I am (again) trying to get on the fitness train.  I've been on and off the band wagon for a while now, but this time I'm truly trying to keep on track, and get ot the gym as frequently as possible, and try to maintain a healthy life...
    by: Meekoss1 on: 2016/08/19
  • Starting out

    Starting out today! Got myself this account hoping it can help motivate me and keep me on track to achieve my goals! I'm definitely going to stick to my created workout plan this time #noexcuses and by changing my diet and exercising a whole l...
    by: Blizzy2000 on: 2016/08/18
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