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  • Start

    Hello, I'm a 24 years old girl. I'm going to start working out today. I need to lose 44 lbs, but my initial goal is 22 lbs that I gained during pregnancy. I beleive I can do it, I was just lost in what exact moves I should do and that's what I fou...
    by: Ftmdoji on: 2017/05/24
  • Chest and Back

    Worked chest and back today. Instead of working barbells was strictly dumbbells for chest (bench and inclined). Pushed 3 set of each 15,12,10 75 pounds respectively. Got to keep pushing next week going to start cardio and getting more strict on my...
    by: JtotheAYtothe83 on: 2017/05/23
  • gaining muscle

    by: apurvaputhiya on: 2017/05/22
  • New Beginnings

    Hello! My name is Joanie Rose Bell and I am starting a new fitness journey once again! I am 17 years old and I am hoping to recover that once strong will to have a healthy lifestyle. I know it'll be hard but God is my witness, strength and comfort...
    by: princessjoanier on: 2017/05/20
  • Why Working Out Is the New Going Out

    There are many reasons why Working out has been termed as Going out nowadays. You might find it confusing, but the truth is- working out has become like making fun with friends as you do when outing these days. Therefore, the popularity of this id...
    by: Martinlathum on: 2017/05/20
  • What type of machine I will select for weight loss

    I am so confused, what type of machine I will select for weight loss. Elliptical Machine or Treadmill Machine or Exercise Bike.I think Exercise Bike is easy to use.
    by: Martinlathum on: 2017/05/20
  • Past 2 days

    Been doubling up on legs and chest. Just left gym pushing the past few days did legs and biceps today. Good day. Good Friday everyone
    by: JtotheAYtothe83 on: 2017/05/19
  • Shoulders and back

    A hard workout today on a rest day with my brother. Shoulders killing me, legs still sore from yesterday. No days off hard work pays off
    by: JtotheAYtothe83 on: 2017/05/16
  • Legs before work Push-Ups while working

    I had a pretty good workout (all except being able to use the leg press) before work, now while at work I'm doing sets of 10 push-ups. Hopefully i can get through 15 sets tonight. Up-date at end of shift.
    by: JtotheAYtothe83 on: 2017/05/16
  • Help

    I feel like i need major help I have no motivation and no support
    by: Bbgy_87 on: 2017/05/14
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