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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • miss

    weight 103.7 height 6.2
    by: mislee on: 2019/10/31
  • Achievable Goal?

    1lb/week for 100 weeks? 2lbs/week for 50 weeks? 3lbs/week for 34 weeks? or even... 4lbs/week... I'll check it out - maximizing weight loss and tone.  I'd rather have muscle n stamina n look like Blaziken instead of Snorlax. Pokemon by the...
    by: Xynen on: 2019/10/16
  • Body Aches

    As we get older, our bodies change in a variety of ways. Something that has been bothering me for a while has been random body aches/injuries that can't be explained. Yesterday, I woke up feeling fine but when I went to the gym, my left elbow was ...
    by: mrtsang on: 2019/10/16
  • Mon 7th oct

    If you want it, it's yours.. keep focused
    by: jemima11 on: 2019/10/06

    1)Barbell bench press 5 set to failer 2)Dumbell Shoulder press 5 set tofailer 3)Dip for chest 4 set to failer 4)Barbell machine shoulder press 4 set  4)Push up 4 set  5)font raise 4 set 6)Side rateral raise 4 set 7)ABS  8)Cardio 40...
    by: gorn.athlete on: 2019/10/01
  • day 1 starts today

    i will be starting my journey today to healthy better lifestyle going to be a long hard road but its deff worth it LETS GET IT
    by: bigcell561 on: 2019/09/30

    Day 1: legs Day 2: shoulders Day 3: back + biceps Day 4: chest + triceps
    by: gorn.athlete on: 2019/09/19
  • Push day (Chest Shoulder Tri)

    Chest  1.Barbell bench press 4 set  Set1 30kg 15rep
    by: gorn.athlete on: 2019/09/19
  • Fitness Goal

    Exercise every other day
    by: sofasodagirl on: 2019/09/16
  • Intermediate

    Gain Weight
    by: AsimSiddiq on: 2019/09/13
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