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  • 1/7

    Fewer reps on twisted crunches and bicep curls No back
    by: LesSing on: 2019/01/07
  • Day 1

    Chest and abs Couldn’t finish the machine press
    by: Mlpt27 on: 2018/12/29
  • New and willing to improve through most means necessary

    Basically you're average 18 year old trying to build muscle, had a rhythm going until I left training completely for 5 months
    by: Elmexicano31 on: 2018/12/21
  • Day 1

    I had a really rough day and I kept thinking about how uncomfortable I'm with my body, so I decided to make a change in my life, at this point I have tried but not giving 110% of myself, so here I'm ready for giving the 200%, until I get to my goa...
    by: slatsmarley on: 2018/12/17
  • Shoulders

    15 lb. dumbells were easy  What I ate: carrots
    by: AJH on: 2018/12/15
  • What to do ?

    So 6 months ago, after weeks of pondering on it, my friend and I walked through the doors of a gym. You see I had just moved to the UK about 4 months earlier and had found myself somewhat depressed. And I can say I was clinically depressed with al...
    by: Carieluv on: 2018/12/12
  • 12/4/18

    10X10 10 pound weights
    by: Shansim on: 2018/12/04
  • Elliptical

    10 min 120 bpm
    by: em_ma on: 2018/12/04
  • First Day

    It's your sixteenth birthday! You're going to get ripped soon!! YOu can DO IT!!!
    by: laladoodles on: 2018/11/30
  • Newbie

    How can I start?
    by: AlyTaher on: 2018/11/26
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