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Here we go again

Posted on: 2020/06/22, 05:39 PM by: i.am.mrs.olney
Welp. I keep returning to FreeTrainers because I love this program and it worked for me back in the day. I am heavier than ever...185lbs now. Maybe closer to 190...I haven't checked in about a week. 

I participated in my second half marathon yesterday. It was pretty brutal this year. I think I'm in better shape this eyar than last year, but the route was harder this year. It was rough. LOL.

I am starting with shoulders today. We will see how it goes. My entire body is sore...so I may just do a lot of stretching. 

My new profile pic is from the starting line yesterday for the half. I live in a beautiful place and I think that may have helped me finish. I wanted to beat last years time (3:18) but didn't (3:41) LOL. Such is life, I guess. I'm going to try and beat 3:18 next year. 

I will try and check in here once a week at least. I will also try to update this post with my actual weight, or I will create a new post. Glad to be back. :)