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  • Achievable Goal?

    1lb/week for 100 weeks? 2lbs/week for 50 weeks? 3lbs/week for 34 weeks? or even... 4lbs/week... I'll check it out - maximizing weight loss and tone.  I'd rather have muscle n stamina n look like Blaziken instead of Snorlax. Pokemon by the...
    by: Xynen on: 2019/10/16

    1)Barbell bench press 5 set to failer 2)Dumbell Shoulder press 5 set tofailer 3)Dip for chest 4 set to failer 4)Barbell machine shoulder press 4 set  4)Push up 4 set  5)font raise 4 set 6)Side rateral raise 4 set 7)ABS  8)Cardio 40...
    by: gorn.athlete on: 2019/10/01
  • day 1 starts today

    i will be starting my journey today to healthy better lifestyle going to be a long hard road but its deff worth it LETS GET IT
    by: bigcell561 on: 2019/09/30

    Day 1: legs Day 2: shoulders Day 3: back + biceps Day 4: chest + triceps
    by: gorn.athlete on: 2019/09/19
  • Push day (Chest Shoulder Tri)

    Chest  1.Barbell bench press 4 set  Set1 30kg 15rep
    by: gorn.athlete on: 2019/09/19
  • Fitness Goal

    Exercise every other day
    by: sofasodagirl on: 2019/09/16
  • Intermediate

    Gain Weight
    by: AsimSiddiq on: 2019/09/13
  • First FreeTrainers workout!

    Did abs and shoulders today! I started with a 7min treadmill warmup.  I feel so so good about myself and ready to take on the day
    by: charlo61 on: 2019/08/30
  • Weights for 8/19 legs

    Squat 185x15 225x12 285x6 295x5 Leg press 10px15 12px12 14px6 16px5
    by: bikeride68 on: 2019/08/18
  • Day 1

    This is it. After 3 years of doing nothing but sitting on my butt all day with studies and whatnot, I've finally decided to get my act together and start exercising again. Main reason being, I know I am getting fat. I know I am getting unhealt...
    by: AaronAce on: 2019/08/15
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