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  • 10/27/2020

    Tuesday (about a 50 minute workout  Leaning oblique and back Stretch Set 3x 15 rep. Crunches 15 seated twist 15 leg raises Child’s pose  Set 1 Lateral pull down 15 reps @65 lbs One arm dumbbell row 15 reps @20 lbs Barbell shrugs 15 reps (legit jus...
    by: queenmaeve1771 on: 2020/10/27
  • Hey hi there.. Thanks for clicking to know more about me & my goal in fitness.

    I am having Endomorph body type, which is fatty,skinned,faster metabolic, Before getting to fitness world i was weighing very much, people already started to do body shaming on me, its obvious that always fatty human get body shaming, well with th...
    by: ssck on: 2020/10/25
  • Working out once again!

    I did not workout for a while and did my first workout in a month. It felt good and just a little challenging. I kinda wish there were less stretches though, otherwise it was great. Surprisingly I did not break into a sweat!
    by: hi_lets_workout on: 2020/10/08
  • Day 1

    Today was my first time using this site. I enjoyed the workouts and def struggled more than i thought i would. I enjoyed the challenge none the less. shoulders and core are sore but not hurt. I look foward to more workouts.
    by: Jacbalson on: 2020/10/04
  • Late night workout - initial workout - successful

    Hi All,  For the first time in more than 4 months.  I decided to do a cardo workout. Just searched youtube and then went out and executed the workout that I saw for roughly 30 mins.   Feels awesome to get things done.     Sept 28 workout + Bur...
    by: marvinrrc on: 2020/09/27
  • Hi

    Hey everybody, I'm 12 years old and looooove to read. I'm super excited to try something new and stay in shape during the COVID-19 season. I love to dance and ride horses but now i can't do dance because of social distancing rules and am just tryi...
    by: 2026rosborne75 on: 2020/08/27
  • The Wrong Run

    Yesterday I decided to run my block. Now I havent ran in maybe 3 years and lets just say my body did not agree with me. I decided to purchase a post workout recovery powder. Today will be just full body work out. I only do full body on mon, wed, a...
    by: cthorne91 on: 2020/08/19
  • Beginners Work

    Its my first day and I would love to give up but my sister is my motivation and I will make this neccessary change. My target area is my stomach and the home work out is an all over body. I added a few more crunches and leg raises. I will not be d...
    by: cthorne91 on: 2020/08/17
  • Day One

    Day one! Wooho! Felt good. Can feel that I haven't worked out in years. Simple, but could feel it. Really focused on going slow and contracting.
    by: KRenk on: 2020/08/13
  • Hi

    Hi everyone, Am excited to be part of this amazong community looking forward to get know you and learn new things.
    by: Muaaz93 on: 2020/07/23
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