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  • June 14, 2019

    Core and triceps and biceps
    by: Angelwhite4292 on: 2019/06/14
  • June 10, 2019

    Core and shoulders
    by: Angelwhite4292 on: 2019/06/10
  • 1st week

    Going well so far with the training and definitely makes sure I say in the gym longer each time
    by: LukeT83 on: 2019/06/10
  • 3 Days Straight!

    Ran over 3.5 miles again this morning. My pants are already looser, and it feels good! Was in bed before 10 pm, but my daily diet still needs work. I will focus on diet today while feeling pride in sticking to the running :)
    by: slammertig on: 2019/06/05
  • Day 2

    Today was shoulders and triceps, and core as always. As usual I altered the 12 week mass and strength program slightly to do less reps and more weight.
    by: Spooner646 on: 2019/05/29
  • Day 1

    Just started doing the 12 week mass program. My hamstrings are a bit sore but other than that I feel absolutely fine after day 1. I don't think this workout is going to be really good because it seems like not much but I guess we will see.
    by: Spooner646 on: 2019/05/28