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Hey hi there.. Thanks for clicking to know more about me & my goal in fitness.

Posted on: 2020/10/25, 10:27 AM by: ssck
I am having Endomorph body type, which is fatty,skinned,faster metabolic, Before getting to fitness world i was weighing very much, people already started to do body shaming on me, its obvious that always fatty human get body shaming, well with that note of motivation & hungry for fitness. i had started my fitness journey,  with consistance & pace , was able to pull the weigh back to normal as per my age & building more muscle/strengh & confident on myself, but due to COVID, i had to break for the gym :(.
So from now, getting to back on track to be on fitness & took a challenge of building the muscle & toning body - only working out by resistance band & without going gym too.