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Posted on: 2020/10/27, 08:24 AM by: queenmaeve1771
Tuesday (about a 50 minute workout Leaning oblique and back StretchSet 3x15 rep. Crunches15 seated twist15 leg raisesChild’s pose Set 1Lateral pull down 15 reps @65 lbsOne arm dumbbell row 15 reps @20 lbsBarbell shrugs 15 reps (legit just hold straight down and shrug your shoulders) @50 lbsSet 2Lateral pull down 12 repsOne arm dumbbell row 12 repsBarbell shrugs 12 repsSet 3Lateral pull down 10 repsOne arm dumbbell row 10 repsBarbell shrugs 10 reps5 minute walk, 15 minute run 1.88mi