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Posted on: 2020/10/29, 10:21 AM by: queenmaeve1771
 Leaning oblique and back StretchSet 3x15 rep. Crunches15 seated twist15 leg raisesStretch - calf stretch, toe reach, thigh stretchSet 1Leg extensions 15 reps (leg under machine, lifting up) 115lb (135 pulled left knee)Barbell squats 15 reps 40lbsSeated Hamstring curl 15 reps (leg over machine, curling down) 155lbCalf raises 15Set 2Leg extensions 12 repsBarbell squats 12 repsSeated Hamstring curl 12 repsCalf raises 12Set 3Leg extensions 10 repsBarbell squats 10 repsSeated Hamstring curl 10 repsCalf raises 109 min bike 2 milesVery stiff in legs - standing straight is awkward