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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • park day with fam

    Walked a big park. Did stairs and cardio. Played basketball. No yoga today, just light stretching. fam got icecream after so does it really count? lol
    by: AriStrong on: 2019/02/18
  • 2nd day

    Not that bad. Lots of tension and soreness. Looked forward to working out. Getting a bit more motivated.
    by: AriStrong on: 2019/02/15
  • Body building

    by: wgp3nchy4v on: 2019/02/14
  • New to here.

    My goal is to be fit and live a more healthy lifestyle. Motivation is key.
    by: Tanker101 on: 2019/02/06
  • first day of home exercises

    Just did my first day of at home exercises. Feeling good
    by: serpilk572 on: 2019/02/05
  • Feb

    Jan 138 Feb 135
    by: TK0225 on: 2019/02/03
  • 1/28/2019

    It's 2019 already!!  Been away from working out since August 23rd.  that was the day our 5th was born!!  He's doing well.  It felt good to hit the gym!! Did a little bit of everything for upper body to ease back into it. Machine Bench Ma...
    by: Jac48 on: 2019/01/28
  • Test

    by: jimothybob on: 2019/01/25
  • Shoulders

    15 lb. dumbells were easy  What I ate: carrots
    by: AJH on: 2018/12/15
  • First Day

    It's your sixteenth birthday! You're going to get ripped soon!! YOu can DO IT!!!
    by: laladoodles on: 2018/11/30
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