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  • fitness workout

    muscles shaper workouts
    by: premmu on: 2020/02/13
  • Cycle

    Did a 60 min cycling class today. Kind of out of my comfort zone and a little intimidating, but I feel good about it!
    by: mmcmanus99 on: 2020/02/10
  • First workout

    It seemed a bit short, but I know it is a beginner level to working out. I am ready to tackle the rest of it and get that dream body. I am also ready to start eating healthier and treating my body better. I got this!
    by: morcha860 on: 2020/02/03
  • You only fail if you give up.

    You only fail if you give up.
    by: Jonnytable on: 2020/02/02
  • 2 Week Update

    Body and mind are feeling great, feeling good about myself!
    by: SamShep on: 2020/01/27
  • Day 1: 20.1.202

    First workout was pretty good. I did core, backm biceps and shoulders. Because of time restraint i could not finish the whole thing, so i did 2 excercies for biceps and shoulders insetad of 4. I think is should put an accent on shoulders (esp....
    by: MrMijuskovic on: 2020/01/22
  • This is Not Day One

    It hasn't been Day One in years. I go back and forth, trying to start a work-out routine and failing. I'm proud to say that, no matter how many times I give up, I continue to try. And my body just might be in better shape than it's ever been, gene...
    by: [Former member] on: 2020/01/21
  • Birthday Workout

    Today was another good gym day. Did 50 minutes of Legs and Core then hit the tanning bed. 54th birthday was a day well spent.
    by: ThePickle on: 2020/01/13
  • 1/11/20

    3.0 mile run in 25:23 Saturday morning pre-wine tour
    by: vland on: 2020/01/11
  • Another Great Workout.

    Today I hit the gym a little later than usual but got a good solid shoulder workout. And I don't know why but when it came time for abs and lower back I decided to hit it as hard and fast as I could and managed to get a nice 20 minute cardio worko...
    by: ThePickle on: 2020/01/06
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