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New goals for a brand new me!!

Posted on: 2021/04/19, 03:49 PM by: 9385prwcbh
Tomorrow I start my routine I set up here. I have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic as of last week, so I'm going to focus on my weight, of which I have already lost 11 lbs (as of yesterday), and building my body back up like it used to be. I'm excited about the whole thing, it's a wake up call to get healthy and eat right.


  • 9385prwcbh 9385prwcbh 2021/04/24
    So do you! I drink the sugar free drink mixes, the are VERY good, you might like them. I take some with me to the gym, and I have been following the program here, along with my required diet, even less cabs actually, I'm rarely hungry and I've lost 13lbs. You can beat it, I'm going to!
  • Gpiza007 Gpiza007 2021/04/24
    awesome! I'm on the verge of pre diabetes as well. I'm addicted to sodas. kicking sugar is hard!! u got this!!