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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • Fitness Goal

    Exercise every other day
    by: sofasodagirl on: 2019/09/16
  • Intermediate

    Gain Weight
    by: AsimSiddiq on: 2019/09/13
  • First FreeTrainers workout!

    Did abs and shoulders today! I started with a 7min treadmill warmup.  I feel so so good about myself and ready to take on the day
    by: charlo61 on: 2019/08/30
  • Weights for 8/19 legs

    Squat 185x15 225x12 285x6 295x5 Leg press 10px15 12px12 14px6 16px5
    by: bikeride68 on: 2019/08/18
  • Day 1

    This is it. After 3 years of doing nothing but sitting on my butt all day with studies and whatnot, I've finally decided to get my act together and start exercising again. Main reason being, I know I am getting fat. I know I am getting unhealt...
    by: AaronAce on: 2019/08/15
  • First workout!

    I started the program today was excited to see the examples of exercises on the website :) I felt great to get back into my love of the gym. Not gonna lie it was terribly hard to do crunches, however I'm gonna keep at it and I KNOW results will...
    by: Rockcolor30 on: 2019/08/05
  • Day 1

    Hey fellow Brad and Chads, this is my first day on this new website, and i like it, it really fits me and my giant ego
    by: tylerpell36 on: 2019/07/31
  • Hey Y'all

    Haven't checked in for awhile, but I've been in the gym doing the workouts. Heck, I even found a gym on vacation. Anyway, I'm been doing the 1st time In a gym plan all this time. I've added a few more moves, and I'm really loving the workout tim...
    by: copperblonde on: 2019/07/17
  • Day 1

    Today is day 1 of my journey to get happy. I plan to go to the gym after work and perform my entire planned workout. I am feeling more motivated today and I am praying for strenth to follow my goals.
    by: Alyshalove06 on: 2019/07/17
  • Starting Gym

    Starting Gym from Tommorrow never been before Wish me luck
    by: TJ_Rasul on: 2019/07/14
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