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  • Week 1 - Split A

    Tuesday 25th June (25/06/2024) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- focus: legs, back, biceps exercises:   leg extensions                       hamstring curls                       ...
    by: odingeorge on: 2024/06/26
  • :]

    I'm so nervous but so excited to start working out, weird I know! I've always been 'the fat funny friend'  I've been active a lot, ish, I did soccer (I was in 5th grade-) I did Volley ball (5-9th, Had to quit cause of an injury) And I'm doing The...
    by: HanJisung on: 2024/01/21
  • Woo hoo!!!

    I did my first workout!!!!!!!!!!
    by: Lolgirlcode on: 2023/12/19
  • I started today

    I've been losing weight for about 5 months and my ideal weight is just around the corner. I though about this time my body would be in great shape and although I have great resistance now, it looks chunky, disproporcionate. So I started wondering ...
    by: angielond04 on: 2023/12/13
  • aug 31

    auggust 31 full body workout done
    by: krisz on: 2023/08/31
  • Here we go again.

    Weight - 245 lbs ; Height-5'10" Goal- 130 lbs Current Calorie - 2500, no exercise Goal Calorie - 2200, 4-5 days of exercise Natural Waist - 46" Pants Waist - 44.75" Hip - 49.5" Chest- 44.5" Bicep- 16" R, 14"L Forearm - 13"R, 12"L Thigh...
    by: WorkZombie on: 2023/03/28
  • gym is the best

    welcome man
    by: Alphado on: 2022/11/21
  • ccc

    weight - 65 waist - 71 hips - 95
    by: aann.exe on: 2022/09/30
  • пресс

    не слишком ли много упражнений на пресс?
    by: GRININ on: 2022/09/17
  • Get more Fitness and Strength

    by: DileepRavindu on: 2022/06/10
  • Stopped workout

    May 2, 2022 was last workout as of 5/23/22.
    by: Ruffda on: 2022/05/23
  • Day One

    I am going to lose this weight and i am going to be happy. No more being fat shamed no more feiling uncomfortable in my own body. I am going to do this! I am going to work hard. I am going to ignore the cracks at my fitness skill and i am going to...
    by: dezdanner on: 2022/05/21
  • Day One

    I am going to lose this weight and i am going to be happy. No more being fat shamed no more feiling uncomfortable in my own body. I am going to do this! I am going to work hard. I am going to ignore the cracks at my fitness skill and i am going to...
    by: dezdanner on: 2022/05/21
  • (2022/11/05)

    First workout complete! Some things I had to do a limited amount of, knee pushups for example - I think my injury in 2018 made that area particularly weak, so I might just have to go slow with my knees is all. Did some breathing exercises/meditati...
    by: Gatzii on: 2022/05/11
  • test

    by: Stanislava on: 2022/04/29
  • Start

    Today I have decided that enough was enough and I was going to change my daily life. I NEED to loose weight. I know it isn't going to be easy but it is what I have to do. This isn't my first time trying to loose weight but this time I am determined.
    by: lapoppe24 on: 2022/04/21
  • 7/4/2022

    by: JLL_06 on: 2022/04/07
  • 6/4/2022

    done today
    by: JLL_06 on: 2022/04/06
  • Seeking Training

    Today I downloaded Free Trainers to my cell phone in hopes of seeing results faster than just winging workout routines that I remember from when I was younger and more athletic.  Goal : Tummy fat reduction and gaining and toning muscle. 138 lbs
    by: JamiePrindle on: 2022/02/08
  • Just started, hope this works out (pun not intended) for me

    I hateeee my legs, and overall I would love to start working out more, so I'm going to try this out!! Plus it's free and I'm broke lol. I want to lose fat the right way, and especially lose fat before this summer. I have about 6 months, and my lea...
    by: katesuperc on: 2021/12/20
  • Getting Started

    I decided I want to try to start eating better and working out so that I can get farther along in my dance career. As of right now I have a slight knee injury that is impairing me from doing many things, but if I lose some weight, this could take ...
    by: Blamb92 on: 2021/11/11
  • Day 1

    Feels worked out. I feel good. Worked out a sweat.
    by: Michii02 on: 2021/10/11
  • Day 1

    Good exercise and motivation will be the key going forward
    by: TheTats on: 2021/09/12
  • First Day back at the gym in a while (9/8/2021)

    Warmup - 10 minutes elliptical (Res 10) (Inc 0%) 1000 Meters max intensity Row Machine (4:30) Main Goal (Back and Bi) Standing Dumbell Curls (2 Sets of 8) Bent over dumbell row (2 sets of 7)  Do not remember the rest Need to create a p...
    by: Alin01123 on: 2021/09/08
  • Finishing up Week 4

    I am back in my local fitness center for the past four weeks. While I cannot say I am joyful about getting up at 5:30 am to get a workout in before my workday starts, I can honestly say it hasn't been that difficult. Of the past 26 days, I have ma...
    by: SportyMomDJG on: 2021/08/26
  • Тренировка 15.08.2021

    1)Дорожка 5 минут✔️✔️ 2)Прыжок на блок 20✔️✔️ 3)Скручивание 20✔️✔️ 4)Подъем штанги над собой 15 (20)кг✔️✔️ 5)Подъем штанги на бицепс 15 (20)кг✔️ ✔️ 6)Разгибание рук в блоке 15 (9)✔️✔️ 7)Присед 15 (50)кг✔️✔️ 8)Тяга обратным хватом 15 (9)✔️✔️...
    by: Z_cupert_x on: 2021/08/15
  • did the damn thing

    biked for 30 did home workout started day at 191 and ended at 189.4 so not too shabby
    by: iceicebby99 on: 2021/08/10
  • motivational quote

    “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.
    by: vaehbeee on: 2021/08/01
  • A few days in.

    Definitely sore all over and can tell I haven't been to a gym in a long time. I try to walk an extra mile every day on the treadmill on top of my stretches and workout. Time to hit the shower and clena up.
    by: ADreadedShadow on: 2021/07/24
  • Start

    Don't know weight or fat%, but know my own look: lean with a beer belly. Workout went fine I guess, I'm no expert. I felt burning/stretching and sweated so I guess I did something okay. Really wish there hadn't been anybody else in the clubhouse b...
    by: ADreadedShadow on: 2021/07/22
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