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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • What to do ?

    So 6 months ago, after weeks of pondering on it, my friend and I walked through the doors of a gym. You see I had just moved to the UK about 4 months earlier and had found myself somewhat depressed. And I can say I was clinically depressed with al...
    by: Carieluv on: 2018/12/12
  • 12/4/18

    10X10 10 pound weights
    by: Shansim on: 2018/12/04
  • Elliptical

    10 min 120 bpm
    by: em_ma on: 2018/12/04
  • Day 1 11/15/18

    Did some abs and legs workout but it was the first day in a long time I did weights so starting off kind of easy. Deadlifting only 63 lbs for now, need to improve on my form and endurance.
    by: nicole274 on: 2018/11/15
  • first day

    Starting to read this web page, I hope it will work
    by: Caudillo on: 2018/11/10
  • Workout

    I did my first work out😊
    by: Melren on: 2018/10/17
  • New Start

    Today i signed up for this site. And tomorrow will be my first workout! Ready to start!
    by: Melren on: 2018/10/16
  • Clunky

    How do I change that 2 days a week instead of 4
    by: fzimmerman2 on: 2018/10/02
  • Beginning a New Chapter

    Today I start to get serious about maintaining a regular workout regime. Need to be consistent with toning and cardio. Want to melt my last 33 pounds quickly while shaping up and slimming down a few more sizes. Excited to reach my goals and want t...
    by: Graceburnette on: 2018/09/20
  • 9/19/18

    Body:  Cellulite, stretchmarks, veins, rolls, bad posture (slouch) Condition:  Tired, shaky, somewhat sweaty Measurements Butt: 41.5 L Thigh:  18.5 U Thigh:  24.25 Calf:  15.5 Stomach:  34 Chest:  36 Shoulders:  39.25 Arm:  12.5
    by: KassidyMae on: 2018/09/19
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