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FLogs are a way to motivate yourself and others by sharing your health and fitness progress with the community. You may use the links on the right to limit the FLogs which are displayed.

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  • cheap wow goldfear not definitely ordinary, next several

    cheap wow gold fear not definitely ordinary, next several days nautical mile, fight still not little, the certain convergence gathers driving and wolf soldier come a positive decisive battle! Ipso facto, the not definitely ordinary present evolved...
    by: clydebaron1 on: 2015/10/13
  • Hired

    Hi everyone! I have been hired back at the original call center for seasonal work, and if everything goes well it could lead to full time employment. I realize I want to be doing different kind of work. I would like to work in a women's shelter...
    by: glendasuedirks on: 2015/10/04
  • Once more, with feeling

    As someone who has now completed the Insanity program twice (nearly three times, if you count the combination of videos from Max30 and Asylum), I like jumping into the fray of something challenging. Part of the prize is the struggle.  Yet, I've...
    by: kyleknight7 on: 2015/09/27

    Hey!! Tomorrow will be my very first day trying out the free home workout program and I hope it goes reaaaally well! I feel very optimistic and happy about this new journey that I'm starting, and I hope I can stick in with a good meal plan guide...
    by: Gabriela65891 on: 2015/09/18
  • Primer día de práctica con la rutina del balón

    He realizado todos los ejercicios. Parece una rutina un poco larga. A ver si en los próximos días abreviamos.
    by: franjsantos on: 2015/09/14
  • The start

    Started training program today, feeling motivated to get back into shape. 81.5 kg We'll see how things go.
    by: sf3000 on: 2015/09/13
  • DAY 1 of " "

    Having discovered this website today, I'm excited and motivated to have the guidance and help available to me! As well as a community of others on their fitness journey as well! I am quite active as is but sometimes I am just too tired or out of i...
    by: watermanval on: 2015/08/12
  • 25

    My heart is going to explode
    by: zesz on: 2015/08/02
  • Goal

    2011 down to 79.8 gym diet only Extra years 3
    by: Lean100 on: 2015/07/28
  • Day 1

    89.7 20min 380-3 Chicken leg noodles Crackers Fish, soup Grapes, OJ
    by: Lean100 on: 2015/07/28
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