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  • Daily Fitness Article

    Bookmark this fitness blogs now for advice on fitness and find useful fitness articles
    by: joewai489 on: 2016/05/01
  • Todays exercises done!

    Had a minor interruption from the family... and the dog wanted to join in. Made for an interesting time! Note to self - remove inquisitive German Shepherd from inside house BEFORE starting exercise, or risk him trying to sit on you in the middl...
    by: Kitty__16 on: 2016/04/04
  • exercise plan sorted - I think!!

    Haha! I don't sound too hopeful or confident! In all reality, I'm not feeling overly confident either! Well, I'll be here three days a week! I have deliberately scheduled in time for this! So I'm doing it!
    by: Kitty__16 on: 2016/03/31
  • starting out

    Well, this is a first for me! It may take me a little while to get started. I don't exaclty have much time in my day for this kind of thing, with fitting it  in between family and school (training to be a counsellor)! What else can i say - I'm ne...
    by: Kitty__16 on: 2016/03/31
  • Totally forgot that I had this!

    Soooooo....I guess there's a lot to catch up on! Let's see, I dropped from 210lbs, to 160, then went back up to 175, cancer scares will get ya! I also became a personal trainer! Been working with clients for about a year and a half now. Th...
    by: LiannaMC on: 2016/03/30
  • missed a day

    missed yesdid full body todayterday so
    by: TinaYoung on: 2016/03/16
  • lay front knicks

    i didi 20sets of front knicks today
    by: leane123 on: 2016/03/09
  • Starting Weight

    200 lbs.
    by: lisaknola on: 2016/02/29
  • Fat-burning fat exists, but might not be the key to weight loss

    Fat-burning fat exists, but might not be the key to weight loss Desiree Wanders , Georgia State University When you think about body fat, it’s probably white fat that comes to mind. That’s where our bodies store excess calories, and it’s th...
    by: FitnessArticles on: 2016/02/23
  • 1 month in and going well

    I'm one month into this 3-day per week workout regimen and it seems to be working well with time management. It's liberal enough so that I can work out EITHER Thursday or Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, without faling behind.  I top...
    by: Griff147 on: 2016/02/06
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