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  • Start

    Weight 196.2 Goal to lose 15# by June 1st
    by: cbdoilwarrior on: 2019/04/18
  • Finally started

    After procrastinating for so long, I decided to start my personal training today I took a picture and my main goal is just to keep fit, not to become muscular in anyway
    by: blessing20 on: 2019/04/17
  • Calendar Reset

    Well, my available days changed, and I really tried to adjust the days in my mind instead of redoing the workout calendar . Didn't work out so good. I always pulled the wrong date. Did the workout anyway. Ready to pick it up on the different d...
    by: copperblonde on: 2019/04/07
  • Still Hanging In There

    Slowly but surely I'm seeing a little progress in the amount of weight I am able to use.  Not so much in the body yet.  I feel a little stronger.  Patience, patience,  Now I'm going to have to get my nutrition in line.  I'm hoping ...
    by: copperblonde on: 2019/04/03
  • Day 7

    Well I skipped yesterday's workout. I kept telling myself I didn't have time but I knew that was just an excuse. There has been a lot of stress in my life lately and I find myself making more and more excuses to not do things that are good for me....
    by: LindseyG24 on: 2019/04/03
  • Weights 02/04

    One arm dumbell bent 14kgs. Bent row barbell 30kgs Dumbell shrugs 14kgs. Lateral side raises 3 kgd each side. Front raises 5kgs each side.
    by: amycarter on: 2019/04/01
  • Day 4

    I missed yesterday's workout. I feel bad about it but I'm going to start again today. I downloaded a calorie counting app to help me control my eating habits better. My family eats out all of the time so it's hard to always eat healthy. Im trying ...
    by: LindseyG24 on: 2019/03/26
  • Exercises

    by: Bazreti1 on: 2019/03/23
  • Rest day

    Today is a rest day but my body is telling me I need to move. I'm over the initial soreness from day 1 and I'm feeling compelled to do more. I'm not sure if I should just workout or listen to my schedule and wait. Maybe I'll try some yoga and see ...
    by: LindseyG24 on: 2019/03/22
  • Fat...

    day one:  two goals do a workout and write down everything i eat.
    by: Chasencasey on: 2019/03/03
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