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Getting Ready to workout

Posted on: 2021/01/25, 03:58 PM by: ellamedve
This is curently 1 hour before going to workout. I have already changes into my workout clothes but still have to change my shoes. I got myself a bottle of water hoping to finish that within 1 hour. I am curently taking sips while wrighting this. Today I am planning to do a 1 hour 30 min workout. For 30 min I am hoping to do the tredmile. For another 15 pushups, squats and mountain climbers. Then for the next 30 weights. and for whatever is left upper thigh, poster, and butt lifting workouts. Now if I feel lazy while working out I am willing to cut out mt weights. I am trying to decid wether i sould make my own workout video plan or use someone elses. Will update yall soon!