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Feeling Good

Posted on: 2020/10/02, 12:14 PM by: SusanB1957
I have been doing my intermitten fasting now for 11 days. Being CAREFUL on my eatting time. staying away from sweets. My down fall. As a treat during eat time i bought some yougart covered raisens and cranberries. 
My workout schedule is 2 days on one day off. I have been achived this goal so far this week, first full week. 
Doing 15 min on elepical 1 hour on weights and floor exercises. Today was a total of 1 hour 6 min. I know this, because the album I was listening to on my phone was that long. Started the music as I stepped on the elepical and it stopped just as I was finishing up!! GO ME!! Have NOT weight but one time this week. plan on weighing once a week. But, going more on how I feel than what the scale says. the scale can be a motivation killer, so I try to advoid it AMAP!  
Putting a workout folder together. gonna get me a plan down pat and stay with it. But, let me tell you this, IT FEELS SO DAMN GOOD TO BE AT MY LITTLE GYM AND TAKING CARE OF ME!!!!!