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Posted on: 2020/12/02, 07:22 PM by: Oompichka
I have tried to do workouts before, but it always follows the same pattern:

Start (so motivated!)
Do it for, like, a week (still kind of motivated!)
Miss it one day and "forget" to do it the next.
Quit the program altogether.

I need to stop doing that. I really hope that this helps, so it's gonna be my New Years Resolution, in a month. Why not start now? See if it's actually a good resolution...

I have seen a couple people do this, so I'm going to post some BF#s. 

December 2, 2020
Height: 147.32cm (4'10")
Weight: 46.35714kg (102.2lbs)

My goal is to get to 95lbs. I am not really sure how realistic that is, but it would be nice to be that light. I just want to see where this goes. Also, I really wish I could get some height. It would really make me feel better about myself if I wasn't the shortest person around.  

It might be really hard to stay commited over the Christmas Holiday that is coming up really soon, but I think I can do it. 

Wish me luck!