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  • Loosing The Belly

    I am seriously at the end of my rope and want to cry :( I have lost fifty pounds in the past five months..going from 193 to 155 and from a sz 14 to a sz 8. My goal weight is 125..This is my problem I have had three children and my belly isnt going...
    by: christy3297 on: 2012/05/05
  • Simple Protein Shakes

    Banana Almond Creme  Ingredients: 1 Banana 12 Cup Milk 10 Almonds 1 Serving Protein 5 Ice Cubes Super Slimmer Ingredients: 8 oz. pure water 1 tbs. flax seed oil 1/2 ripe peach (peeled) 6 frozen strawberries 1 heaping sc...
    by: MsStarsmileZ on: 2012/01/10
  • App

    We need an app to use this daily!!!
    by: lewysprince on: 2017/04/23
  • Venting as an Instructor

    Good God.  I want to preface this by saying I like to have a fun time and I hope I bring that to the classes I teach.  Keeping things lighthearted and fun is what I hope to do to continue having people return to my classes. But sometimes I lose...
    by: yadmit on: 2012/05/23
  • The Beginning- Day One

    I worked out for 20 min. today. I have also managed to eat healthier by reducing my portion sizes, and choosing better food options. This is my third day of consistantly walking on the treadmill at a fast pace, and I am proud of myself for gett...
    by: Astarz4 on: 2012/09/12
  • Diet

    Any diet chart for beginners??
    by: myfitnesss on: 2017/03/20
  • Motivation needed

    I signed up for the gym on Tuesday and here is Thursday and stil have not gone...I always feel so tired after an 8 hour shift and then going home making sure I feed my 3 kids and any other household duties...By the time comes I am so tired...Does ...
    by: sexycc on: 2014/01/16
  • 5 Easy Tips To Stop Procrastinating

    I procrastinate REALLY REALLY bad when it comes to getting things done. Often times I will not complete a workout until very late at night even when I have ALL DAY to do it. I know many people that go through the same thing so I have created a blo...
    by: chriswatson06 on: 2013/01/20
  • I see there are no actual workout routines

    I see there are no actual workout routines.  You click on exersise and find workouts but does nothing for you except remind you what days to workout.
    by: Terrbo on: 2014/02/12
  • Will Power, First Day

    YesterDay was my first day. I signed up yesterday and completed my first work out. Im sorta Worried. I dont want to get off track and stop doing this. and i really dont know what kind of food is okay to eat. Im over a hundred pounds over what my w...
    by: sboo26 on: 2012/04/28
  • How to build muscle

    Generally, the first step in putting together a muscle building program is deciding on which training split to follow. While there are many different splits which can be used with success, the novice should stick with those which have been proven ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/05/07
  • How to connect w/free trainer

    Hello, I am new here, how do I connect with a free trainer.. what is next after registering? Sonya74
    by: sonya74 on: 2012/01/21
  • Fed & Watered

    11.11.13 Here is what I ate and drank today. I didn't really want to post this because I know people will want to comment about what I should eat. I know this is only to help me but I literally had about $40 for food for 2 people for this week,...
    by: Seireness on: 2013/11/12
  • Need help losing weight

    I am a 28 year old female that needs some help. I have been trying to lose weight since September lost 17 lbs now I am stuck. Tried a cleanse didn't work.. I just really would like to get healthy. If anyone would like to help please pm me. Thank you
    by: Crystal2509 on: 2014/02/02
  • Expect change: Week 5

    4 June 12, 280lbs. First month down (excersising) and in the books. So far, only ten pounds lost. Not too happy about that, but it was to be expected. Wasn't "all-in" with working out but the pace and routine has picked up and solidified. With the...
    by: williamhcroom3 on: 2012/06/04
  • 2012 Getting It Right

    Okay this year is the year, how many time have i said that well this year I mean it  I need/want to lose at least 50 pounds in 2012. My Name is August Paige Gunter I am 17 years old and need to lose the weight to help motivate me into a healther l...
    by: August_Paige on: 2012/01/01
  • Bye Free trainers.. Others keep doing what your doing...

    So now i know why i keep leaving this site.. i stay with the plan but gets to hectic with trying to update and keep track of gains made. Unless i keep going back and updating to keep track which is time consuming. Update the site where the workout...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/09/03

    Hey!! Tomorrow will be my very first day trying out the free home workout program and I hope it goes reaaaally well! I feel very optimistic and happy about this new journey that I'm starting, and I hope I can stick in with a good meal plan guide...
    by: Gabriela65891 on: 2015/09/18
  • And it Begins...

    Hello whoever is reading this! This Flog is more for myself as a documentation of my weight loss journey, but I am posting this up in hopes to inspire or connect with others too!I just stumbled upon this website while I was searching for a persona...
    by: JasmineZ on: 2014/10/05
  • What am I doing to myself?

    I keep saying that I am going to lose this weight. I have all the motivating factors I could possibly have, but my will is weak. I plan high lean protein meals and do not keep junk food in the house. But, I crave carbs all the time. I have not eli...
    by: crushedgoddess on: 2012/01/19
  • Ten Thousand Swing Challenge - Day Two

    Ten Thousand Swing Challenge - Day Two Includes KB Press/Swing Four Week Program Start: 7:00am Finish: 8:03am Warm Up: 5:30 Tuck Jump Burpees: 2x10 TGU: 16kg 3/side Ladders: These include a press on each side and then swings....
    by: yadmit on: 2012/01/02
  • My first FLog entry :)

    Today is my last day, my OFFICIAL last day of the unhealthy life I have been living! I have a bubbling excitement in my belly, and even with the last remaining symptoms of a tonsillitis and sinusitis bug I'm feeling happy. I joined free tr...
    by: Katie_44 on: 2012/10/18
  • 10,000 Swing Challenge

    May take another rest day just to not aggravate the hammie. I have a new client tomorrow and the worst I think would be hobbling in with a limp. So, at this point "0" today with 8124 to go. Works out to 324.96 each day this month.
    by: yadmit on: 2012/01/07
  • Day One of new journey.

    Driking coffee for breakfast, then half cinnamon bagel with tbsp of cream cheese. Not looking to change the foods I eat at this time just the amount that I eat. Catering to three other VERY picky people make it hard to eat clean or healthy without...
    by: [Former member] on: 2015/03/20
  • A New Leaf

    Tomorrow is the day I start to do something for myself. No more complaining about my weight or size I'm gonna actually change it and stick with because who else will, you know?
    by: Solarflair17 on: 2015/03/23
  • Drink vinegar to shed fat

    i started off slimming diet 2 about two months back and that i am really sceptical about pounds decline products and solutions, tried using some others that you can buy, couldn't inform a variance, this was incredible!!  I've been doing work o...
    by: donaldegibbs on: 2015/02/26
  • Where to Start

    Just joined this site. I need to lose a TON of weight and not sure where or how to start? I'm hoping that this place can help me or at least guide me. My husband and I have started walking 30 mins 5x a week. But it's really difficult when you have...
    by: Banditmom on: 2013/12/01
  • Dear everyone

    All, My wife and I have been working out pretty steadily for about 3 months now and are starting to slack off a little. As you can imagine this is yeilding no results and frustrating us to no end. But today we make a change! We are very excited...
    by: jacobnpaula on: 2013/12/28
  • Opening profile/ Finding best fitness plan

    Opened my profile today. Gosh, just trying to find a profile picture... it only took the thumbnail pics to see how much thinner I was. I didn't even want to look at them! Don't want to get into the "wow, look how skinny I looked in these pics" ran...
    by: diaznicolem on: 2015/02/13
  • Starting Out

    So I'm going to the gym with my girlfriend today for the first time in what's been at least 6 months.  I'm 21 years old, 5'7, 180 lbs, and would like to get down to 155 lbs.  I've been an athlete my entire life and know what to do in the gym, but ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/05/05
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