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If am here to help you reach your girls. Email me at so that we can come up with a plan fit for you!


Instagram: chriswatson06
My blog:

**ALERT** Are you a runner? A crossfitter? Hit up the gym on a regular basis? Looking to get back into your health and fitness? Or are you just plain looking for some fitness motivation, support and advice? If so then Join my private FREE facebook group!! We are at 200+ people and are rocking!! I dont care what your doing as long as your doing something! If you want in send me a message and I'll get you added!

Welcome to my profile! If you got a buddy request from me and are wondering why, it is because I am looking for buddies for support and motivation and thought it couldn't hurt to make some friends on here! I would LOVE to add you all to my private fitness group page on facebook!

My fitness story is far too long to post on this page so I created a video so you can see/hear it instead

I LOVE to help others get into shape by providing ongoing support and motivation, and also answer any questions they might have about diet and exercise. If you are looking to shed some extra pounds and get into the best shape of your life, message me and I can tell you how to do so! I am always putting together 21/30/60/90 day online fitness challenge groups consisting of a group of people all starting a program at the same time, contact me if you want in on the next challenge group.

instagram: chriswatson06
my blog:

Goals and motivation

Why I Want To Get and Stay In Shape
To look good for my cruise in March '14
To keep my high blood sugar down
To keep diabetes away
To be in inspiration to others
To feel and look healthier
To have more confidence
To stay in my smaller wardrobe
To look hot for my girlfriend.

My Inspirations
Tony Horton, Shaun T, Dan Cohen, Rach Newsham, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson,
Being around for my future kids.
My beautiful girlfriend
Being an example for my team

So I can keep inspiring people through my blog:

Fit wall

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  • threenorns threenorns 2013/06/12
    holy crap - i'd totally forgotten all about this place!
  • chriswatson06 chriswatson06 2013/05/07
    I really wish this site wasn't so dead. It could be a great resource to help people.... Oh well, theres always my facebook group :-)
  • chriswatson06 chriswatson06 2013/02/10
    Almost caught up on answering everyone back on here!! If you want to reach me faster send me a facebook message!!
  • anukani anukani 2013/02/07
    hi cries i c ur msg i wies u all the best an good blessing u an ur life partner an all ur thought will came true to u kani chennai have fitfulllife have peaceful life
  • 123missattitude 123missattitude 2013/02/05
    I'd love to be part of ur group Chris. Have recently joined a gym, trying to sort my diet out & would love to slim down (especially my mummy tummy!) lol
  • chriswatson06 chriswatson06 2013/02/03
    NEED YOUR HELP! I'm going to be making a group on here and will send you all an invite once its made. What kind of things would you like to see included in the group? I want to make this the best group ever but need your input on the types of topics and things you would like to see..Please let me know! Thanks
  • oldsch00l oldsch00l 2013/01/31
    At first I didn't know how I was going to respond because I really don't do social networking, but I see some good things Chris is doing that trancend physical fitness. Notice he has written goals. Do the same with your life and you'll achieve them faster. An unwritten goal is nothing more than a wish. Read them daily and visualize the end result. Vivid visualization will put your subconscious into auto-pilot toward the visualized result. Enough said on that. A little about me - I'm 47 and used this site over 10 years ago (before they re-did it) because I was building workouts to get in better football shape. I was playing in a semi-pro league in my 30's and keeping up with guys in their 20's. I'm out of it now, but keep exercising to fight off the effects of age. I have a workout that I'm happy with, so I'll probably just check in here occasionally. Hope you don't mind a Fit Wall post from me occasionally.
  • hannah321louise hannah321louise 2013/01/30
    thanks for the request please keep me posted about the 6 week slim down challenge im in :-)
  • leseli leseli 2013/01/30
    hi! glad you invited me and i would love to be on the very next challenge group. keep me updated on your activities as i am very esperate to shed kilograms and keep them away for good
  • Atlmermaid Atlmermaid 2013/01/29
    hi chris thank u for youur interest in my training i am a member of my local gym 360* workout i workout every other day was in a bad car accident gained 50 lbs i have lost 23 of that i drink an herbalife protein shake every morning salad at lunch but eat heavy for dinner im lazy with my situps it has taken me five months to lose the 23 lbs im 42 years old and does that effect how slow it been taking me
  • mwyy mwyy 2013/01/28
    Thank you for the request!
  • MarieAngela MarieAngela 2013/01/28
    Thank you so much for the request! I'd love to be a part of the fitness group support page on Facebook, and I'm looking forward to checking out your video and blog. I'm Marie Huff on Facebook. I'll message you there.
  • BellaCast BellaCast 2013/01/28
    :D thank you for the request ! :D
  • Tonino Tonino 2013/01/26
    Hi everybody!
  • virginiacando virginiacando 2013/01/25
    Thank you Chris, Hope we can get some of the energy and drive to keep our body and brain healthy like you!!
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