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My first FLog entry :)

Posted on: 2012/10/18, 01:29 AM by: Katie_44
Today is my last day, my OFFICIAL last day of the unhealthy life I have been living!

I have a bubbling excitement in my belly, and even with the last remaining symptoms of a tonsillitis and sinusitis bug I'm feeling happy.

I joined free trainers today to connect with people who are also struggling with their weight.

My goals
All up I want (and need to) to lose around 50kgs but my first goal is to lose 20kgs by Christmas, which is 10 weeks away :)

I have two years till my wedding and I AM going to look AMAZING!

Here it goes... Bring on skinny me xox



  • kolhy kolhy 2012/10/23
    Good luck Katie!