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2012 Getting It Right

Posted on: 2012/01/01, 12:19 AM by: August_Paige
Okay this year is the year, how many time have i said that well this year I mean it  I need/want to lose at least 50 pounds in 2012. My Name is August Paige Gunter I am 17 years old and need to lose the weight to help motivate me into a healther life. Better to do it early then never. My senior prom is in four months and i want to have more self-esteam to bring out the dance moves on the dance floor. Also with a heathier lifestyle it will clear up my acne.


  • george george 2012/01/01
    Hi August, welcome to FreeTrainers! You've come to the right place! Join a group or start a new one to start a discussion to let others help out!