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Co-founder of FreeTrainers.com. Most of my free time revolves around improving my physical fitness and personal wellness.. as well as that of others.. hence the purpose of your FreeTrainers.com community!

Goals and motivation

Work for tomorrow - LIVE FOR TODAY! I am a firm believer in attaining and maintaining Personal Health and Fitness, daily. There are too many benefits to list here.. but FreeTrainers.com is a perfect start. My goal and motivation has always been to help others reach their goals, and by creating FreeTrainers.com we can offer support, motivatio, encouragement and more for real life results people can experience every single day.

Fit wall

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  • esethu esethu 2015/03/12
    thank you for accepting me cant wait to start training
  • April71612 April71612 2014/06/13
    Hey my name is April I am new to this I was wondering what workouts i should do from the at home workouts & what should or shouldn't eat before & after workouts i just had a baby in July of 2012 and I want to get healthier for her and i don't know what to do plz help me
  • [Former member] 2014/03/07
    Hi, wondering about all those 30 day challenges. Is it a good idea to work on one muscle every day for 30 days? Specifically, the 30 day squat challenge. I do full body weights 3 days a week with a rest day in between. Will this added challenge be a good idea?
  • Ryan_41 Ryan_41 2014/01/10
    Hello George, firstly thank you to you and your co-founders for starting this website. I am excited about regaining a healthier, more fit lifestyle and I am glad there is a website that I can get some guidance, chat with others with the same goals, and hopefully find some friends that will help me be accountable for things I do and don't do. So, with that being said, if you have any advice you would like to share or would like to point me in the direction of any members that may be interested in helping me move forward I would greatly appreciate any help from anyone that is credible and willing. I am 41 years old, 6'3" tall and my starting weight today is 249 lbs. I am an ex high school athlete, and have been away from a regular fitness program for well over a year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again, Thank you.
  • Queenvjoe Queenvjoe 2013/12/29
    Would like to be fit within 6 months. Give me a program. I'm excited to start. Need abs back And waistline. Physique.
  • readyforchange6 readyforchange6 2013/11/27
    I cant wait to get started
  • saifmmmalawany saifmmmalawany 2013/07/20
    Thank U for ProviDing ThIs website ,, CA too
  • Lizsinger Lizsinger 2013/07/17
    Yay super excited to start ! Wish their was a meal plan as well though😔
  • DeonD97 DeonD97 2013/06/27
    Let's get that Summer Body!
  • eaponte500 eaponte500 2013/05/22
    Thanks for the website. Now on to my workouts
  • RDY2BHLTHY RDY2BHLTHY 2013/04/05
    Thank you for providing this website. And taking the time to help others. Its always great to find free help.
  • unique60 unique60 2013/03/14
    Thank you. I'm glad to be part of your workout program. The tough part for me is to stay motivated.
  • Biogirlhealth Biogirlhealth 2013/02/02
    Appreciate the welcome. I look forward to sharing, caring and learning. It has been said, "You can learn something new everyday." Biogirl
  • cocountrykids cocountrykids 2013/01/20
    Thanks for the welcome-I am excited to get started.
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