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  • 41 years old
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I am a mother of two amazing little boys, I am a full time student, and I am overweight. I live in a culture that thrives off of fatty foods and every gathering includes a meal. I am tired of being a fat chick

Goals and motivation

I want to get my weight down to about 145-150. Anything below that I look like I am sick. I want to go to the park with my boys and be able to keep up. I want to feel better about the body I am trapped in. I want to avoid all the health problems my mother is experiencing due to her weight.

Fit wall

  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/03/09
    Working it hard at the gym, 4 pounds lost so far this week. Completed 45 minutes on the treadmill doing it's fat burner program, the machine inclines on its own. But the weather is slowing me down a little, my knee is begging for me to stop for a minute. Guess it is a good time to work on some homework while the ibuprofen kicks in and then get back to moving the body.
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/03/03
    Joined a gym and am so excited to get back into one. It has been about two years since I was able to afford one. I feel more comfortable inside a gym's walls.
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/02/20
    Today's weigh in: weight: 200.4, waist 33 1/2", hips: 45", upper arm: 15", thigh: 26" Kinda disappointed, just know I can do better than this.
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/02/18
    Not looking forward to today. It is nasty outside, we are under a flash flood watch and I have to get on the interstate and drive for about 3 hours today. YAY, not!
  • James47 James47 2012/02/13
    that's a beautiful smile ! one day at time and together we can do great things james
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/02/13
    Weekly weigh in: weight: 202.2 waist: 34 1/2" hips: 45 3/4" Upper arm: 15 1/2" Thigh: 26 1/2" Did not lose much but starting to show in inches
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/02/12
    I want to thank all the people who took time to send me encouragment. I am feeling really disappointed with myself but I am not giving up.
  • kolhy kolhy 2012/02/12
    I'm rooting for you! Don't give up! Be strong! You've got this in you!
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/02/06
    Today's weight and measurements: weight: 203.2 waist: 35" hips: 46"upper arm: 16" thigh: 27" yikes!
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/02/03
    Been sick, had to go to the ER a few nights ago, the medicines they gave me are kicking my butt. Anxious to get back to walking but for now, I am going to have to be holding the couch down.
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/01/28
    Today was a rough day. Was emotionally slammed to the ground. Was proud of avoiding emotional eating. Now to just come to terms with the news I was given. May all be blessed.
  • asimmer asimmer 2012/01/27
    Drink plenty of water and eat healthy carbs like oats, yams and brown rice, also I love soba noodles. You can lose weight and eat a lot of healthy, whole foods!
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/01/27
    Sugar withdrawals suck, body feeling achy and sluggish, no motivation to anything although I know I should. Screaming at myself to get up.
  • crushedgoddess crushedgoddess 2012/01/19