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Fed & Watered

Posted on: 2013/11/12, 12:04 AM by: Seireness

Here is what I ate and drank today. I didn't really want to post this because I know people will want to comment about what I should eat. I know this is only to help me but I literally had about $40 for food for 2 people for this week, So, often I end up gettting less than healthy foods because it is what I can afford and goes farthest. If someone has legit suggestions, not judgements and keeps in mind that I might not beable to afford to get all the things they think I should be eating...then I am open to that kind of feedback. If all goes well as of the first week of Dec we will have at least $60 a week for food a little more on one pay check a week, with the new budget we sat down and hammered out.

10.15am 1low fat strawberry banana yogurt &a 100 calorie peanutbutter/chocolate granola bar. +8oz of water

(I was hungry when I left for work at 2pm but I was running late didn't have time to eat so grabbed a granola bar to eat at work)

3pm -5pm sipped on cold water about 8-16oz

5pm 1 100 calorie chocolate chip granola bar & 2 handfulls of dry roast peanuts. + a 12oz bottle of Green Tea

5pm-7pm sipped on 8-16oz of water

8.00pm 2 turkey breast sandwhiches with lettuce and mayo spread thin on small baked bread slices. (not as big but more dense than standard bread) +6oz of green tea.

Rant about my typical day and then some:

I typically am asleep from 6am to 12:30pm I then get up and do what ever needs to be done around the house (sometimes I play video games or watch a show with my bf) Then I leave for the bus to work at 2:15ish pm and arrive at work at 3pm.
I then sit and make calls (occassionally getting up and down to update boards, stretch, get water etc.) until 7:30pm (depending on how busy we are). I then walk 1/2 mile to the bus stop (not exagerating) typically at a sped up pace as I'm always afraid I'll miss it even though I usually have about 15 minutes to get there. Today I had to run for the bus though and my heart hurt so bad I wanted to cry when I was on the bus. I felt like everyone was staring at me, I heard someone say "300" and thought they might be trying to guess my weight. Wow, how my mind can make me feel terrible.  Come to think of it maybe the emotions there contributed to the wanting to cry factor. Heh.  Anyway then when I get home I need to stay up until 5am to ensure my boyfriend gets up, ready, fed & to work. He and I both have issues with sleeping through alarms and so we make sure the other person gets up respectively. So I'm ususally home between 8:30pm & 9:30pm depending on which bus I catch. I check on my boyfriend (who is asleep usually by this point) work on my direct sales online promotions (my kind of second job selling jewelry in candles) and check fb, email, store updates etc. Then I clean up the house a bit if needed, play games, watch shows and (now) do my work out. before I start dinner/breakfast for my bf. Usually I don't eat at 10am as I'm asleep today was wierd, but I usually eat around 4am with my bf before bed. As he is just getting up for work and does physical labor he needs carbs and protein, or so I'm told, but I am getting ready for bed and should avoid them, sigh. So figuring that out will be interesting.

Self Survival Tip #2 All things in moderation.


  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2013/11/13
    Cottage cheese is a good bed time snack. It slowly releases protein as you sleep. Eggs, lean ham, tuna, and any lean meat is good. Look for sales. We lived off of brown beans [high protein, complex carb] and rice for the first 7 years we were married. It's very healthy and dirt cheap. Try to substitute whole grain rice for white rice. A very important and much overlooked practice is to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals a day rather than 3 squares. When I have time, I'll post some tips in the floger forum. Your questions are pretty normal for beginners. If I put it in the forum, more will see it . I invite you to join. Hang in there.
  • bdattel bdattel 2013/11/13
    Replace it with unsalted nuts and raisins, dried fruit. I don't think those are too expensive. Try tuna salad's without mercury.LOL:) Your on one heck of a budget. I wish you the best. Brenna
  • Seireness Seireness 2013/11/13
    That was exactly my point at the beginning Geezer. If you have an actual suggestion of what I can replace it with that is of similar cost tell me that. That would be helpful.
  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2013/11/12
    Find something besides granola health bars to snack on. They are loaded with fat and sugar. You're better off eating the wrapper.
  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2013/11/12
    Try to eat 5 or 6 smaller nutritious meals each day. It's easy to eat too little and that is counterproductive. Learning to count calories is the most important dieting effort you can make. My wife measures portions. She had a weight issue as a child and went through similar hazing by idiots. The key here is don't quit. The slower you lose the weight, the easier it is to reduce stretchmarks too.