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I am currently 48 years old and weight 146 lbs. I am in the best physical condition of my life. I've exercised for most of my adult life and I am glad I have because I feel wonderful.

Goals and motivation

I'd just like to maintain my current weight and physical condition. I work out 5 to 6 times a week because I love the way I look and feel. Eating healty has helped a lot in maintaining a healthy weight for me. But it isn't always the easiest thing to do, especially in this society of fast foods. Jeez, ten years later and my fitness goals are the same.

Fit wall

  • QueenStar QueenStar 2013/11/14
    Thanks for the support. :-). I don't have a gym yet, and I wanna get some weights. I really want another regimen to put into my workout. I don't have any videos but I'll look into it. My issue I think is what I eat. Any suggestions?
  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2013/11/11
    I found yoga difficult at first but like anything else it got easier. We are going on a Christmas cruise so we're at full tilt on exercise but particularly dance. We'll do two a week salsa lessons until we leave on the 19th of December. But yes, we like yoga. Not good to do after 5 sets of goblet squats.:)
  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2013/11/07
    Okay, the question now is do you wear sequins and feathers? I need pictures if you do.
  • [Former member] 2013/10/12
    Hey Brenna, thanks for the advice. You're an inspiration, best of luck with your goals :)
  • James47 James47 2012/02/04
    am looking for a buddy to help me on this journey???? james
  • vadwear vadwear 2005/07/19
    You go girl! Great work.. focus on diet to lose the belly fat.. same struggle that I am dealing with.. you LOOK FABULOUS DAWLIN'! <BR> <BR>Lisa
  • WAnglais1 WAnglais1 2005/06/07
    Way to go. You are Superwoman!
  • WAnglais1 WAnglais1 2005/06/07
    Way to go. You are Superwoman!
  • neov3 neov3 2005/06/06
    hay im not a pease of ass,lol thankx, you look great.
  • sivysivy sivysivy 2005/03/07
    That is Awesome!!!
  • Reddy Reddy 2004/03/31
    I agree with the fast foods - good luck
  • INTRUDER INTRUDER 2003/12/16
    way to go; you look real good.
  • ChanceDog ChanceDog 2003/11/11
    Brenna, <BR> <BR>Congrat's on losing the 40 lbs!!! You look very happy in your pictures and I wish you welll in the future. <BR> <BR>ChanceDog.
  • sandysford sandysford 2003/07/04
    Brenna, what a great sucess story, keep up the good work, and do the lying leg lifts for the lower tummy. Congrats on your accomplishments!!!!