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  • Loosing The Belly

    I am seriously at the end of my rope and want to cry :( I have lost fifty pounds in the past five months..going from 193 to 155 and from a sz 14 to a sz 8. My goal weight is 125..This is my problem I have had three children and my belly isnt going...
    by: christy3297 on: 2012/05/05
  • Venting as an Instructor

    Good God.  I want to preface this by saying I like to have a fun time and I hope I bring that to the classes I teach.  Keeping things lighthearted and fun is what I hope to do to continue having people return to my classes. But sometimes I lose...
    by: yadmit on: 2012/05/23
  • Fed & Watered

    11.11.13 Here is what I ate and drank today. I didn't really want to post this because I know people will want to comment about what I should eat. I know this is only to help me but I literally had about $40 for food for 2 people for this week,...
    by: Seireness on: 2013/11/12
  • 2012 Getting It Right

    Okay this year is the year, how many time have i said that well this year I mean it  I need/want to lose at least 50 pounds in 2012. My Name is August Paige Gunter I am 17 years old and need to lose the weight to help motivate me into a healther l...
    by: August_Paige on: 2012/01/01
  • Bye Free trainers.. Others keep doing what your doing...

    So now i know why i keep leaving this site.. i stay with the plan but gets to hectic with trying to update and keep track of gains made. Unless i keep going back and updating to keep track which is time consuming. Update the site where the workout...
    by: [Former member] on: 2017/09/03

    Hey!! Tomorrow will be my very first day trying out the free home workout program and I hope it goes reaaaally well! I feel very optimistic and happy about this new journey that I'm starting, and I hope I can stick in with a good meal plan guide...
    by: Gabriela65891 on: 2015/09/18
  • And it Begins...

    Hello whoever is reading this! This Flog is more for myself as a documentation of my weight loss journey, but I am posting this up in hopes to inspire or connect with others too!I just stumbled upon this website while I was searching for a persona...
    by: JasmineZ on: 2014/10/05
  • What am I doing to myself?

    I keep saying that I am going to lose this weight. I have all the motivating factors I could possibly have, but my will is weak. I plan high lean protein meals and do not keep junk food in the house. But, I crave carbs all the time. I have not eli...
    by: crushedgoddess on: 2012/01/19
  • Day One of new journey.

    Driking coffee for breakfast, then half cinnamon bagel with tbsp of cream cheese. Not looking to change the foods I eat at this time just the amount that I eat. Catering to three other VERY picky people make it hard to eat clean or healthy without...
    by: [Former member] on: 2015/03/20
  • A New Leaf

    Tomorrow is the day I start to do something for myself. No more complaining about my weight or size I'm gonna actually change it and stick with because who else will, you know?
    by: Solarflair17 on: 2015/03/23
  • Opening profile/ Finding best fitness plan

    Opened my profile today. Gosh, just trying to find a profile picture... it only took the thumbnail pics to see how much thinner I was. I didn't even want to look at them! Don't want to get into the "wow, look how skinny I looked in these pics" ran...
    by: diaznicolem on: 2015/02/13
  • 1st workout

    I just completed my first workout - it was not easy - between kids coming in and out... and getting frustrated and taking it out on my husband who was trying to help me with my form .. woo .. I'M GLAD THATS OUT OF THE WAY! :0) Now hoping I can get...
    by: mrscspit on: 2012/02/21
  • So this is my starter..

    I  am really interested to find out how this goes. I am  DETERMINED to make this actually happen and I really anticipate it. :) I just hope I've enough time and discipline to follow through.. CAN'T WAIT TO WORK WITH MY FRESHLY TONED PHYSIQUE!!!!...
    by: MsStarsmileZ on: 2012/01/10
  • Im Ready!

    Day 1: My day 1 is the time where I make the decision to finally follow through with weightloss. I not only want to lose weight, but I want to get rid of body fat, so I can be healthy, confident and happy with myself.  My journey is just beginning...
    by: brandylmchenry on: 2013/05/24
  • Im really sore

    I am in alot of pain. Does anyone know how to relive pain from working out? My boyfriend is tired of rubing my sore areas... I really want to workout but simple movements hurt even. It took me forever to do my hair and makeup because my arms hurt ...
    by: VictoriousLette on: 2012/11/01
  • New to this

    Where are the workout routines?
    by: Terrbo on: 2014/02/10
  • pigletrules

    Hey guys, I need to start excerciseing for two reasons, one is time and second I just put it off.
    by: missy72173 on: 2012/02/13
  • day one

    i just signed up for a million differnet diet/excersie websites. I WILL BE SKINNY!! hw: 268 cw: 260 gw: 145
    by: milosmommy on: 2012/02/08
  • Starting out!

    So, I joined the site on Monday 2/27 and so far its going well! I have tons of motivation to get to the gym and do my workout! I've always had that issue that I lose motivation when I don't immediately see results. So, I'm hoping that I can keep i...
    by: Laurenilla214 on: 2012/03/01
  • 3rd week

    So I have been sticking to it and have been going at least 3 times a week and a minimum of 30 minutes on the treadmill. I usually do arms or leg muscles after that. And this pisser is according to the scale at work, I weigh more now then when I st...
    by: dma02 on: 2012/01/30
  • Transformation...once again

    Good morning from the Great Republic of Texas, y'all.  Today is the day I begin my retransformation...once again.  January 2009, I weighted almost 300lbs.  By August of 2009, I was able to shed 110lbs by putting myself on a sound eating and 2 a da...
    by: Nosselwop on: 2014/04/16
  • !st day on a new fitness plan

    Here I sit...48 years young, out of shape and about 20 lbs overwieght.. It's not that I lack motivation...I've already lost 15 lbs this year. I watch what I eat and exercise fairly regularly. I've been following the PINK method but lately it seems...
    by: Nan0127 on: 2012/04/30
  • Recently Single...Looking to the future

    Well it has been 12 days since I became single against my will. I have done the crying, the begging and now I realise it is time for me to move on and no-one can do it but me. I am now down to falling apart about 3 times a day which is better then...
    by: NewSunrise on: 2012/04/07
  • May I suceed this time

    So once again I set out to lose weight. I have lost and regained a lot more often then I care to admit. I regulary workout at my gym and eat well only to lose the spark of motivation and plumet right back to where I had started or in some instance...
    by: Ivory01 on: 2012/06/13
  • new beginning

    12 years ago I got treatment for compulsive overeating disorder. I controlled my weight with overexercising and purging and periods of starving. I had suffered from the condition for 35 years. As part of the treatment I was unable to exercise or d...
    by: longwood4 on: 2012/03/24
  • Planning Out My Work-Out

    I am setting my start date to go back to the Gym, as of September 1st, 2014.  I am really excited!  I am already a member of my local gym, and have already gone in for basic Cardio! My goal is that by the end of December, I will have reached 54...
    by: vjestica04 on: 2014/08/28
  • In The Beginning There Was Fat!

    I am obese. Not just fat, but obese. I am 5'3 and I weigh 270lbs aprox. The numbers look so small to me, I know 270lbs is a lot. That is at least two people my height. But looking at the numbers, they seem so small and insignificant. I am more tha...
    by: Seireness on: 2013/11/11
  • First Timer

    I just did my first workout yesterday. I have learned that one of the reasons that I wasn't keeping up a regular exercise program was that I started off beyond my actual level. The first workout was easy and I still broke a sweat. I have also real...
    by: Kay418 on: 2013/06/28
  • Today I decided to change my life!

    Saturday I tried on a bathing suit. It was to short and made me look horrible. I realize then I needed to change my life. Heart failure and diabetes run in my family and I do not want to go through what my mother is going through. I have lost 50 l...
    by: stefi1991 on: 2012/06/04
  • Kick Starting on a Monday

    Good Evening everyone! I thought I'd plan out my new diet tonight and get into it tomorrow moring so I searched the web for some diet plans and I came across this one. It seems good so I am going to try my best to stick to my plan. Hopefully I...
    by: WishingToBeThin on: 2012/02/12
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