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  • Opening profile/ Finding best fitness plan

    Opened my profile today. Gosh, just trying to find a profile picture... it only took the thumbnail pics to see how much thinner I was. I didn't even want to look at them! Don't want to get into the "wow, look how skinny I looked in these pics" ran...
    by: diaznicolem on: 2015/02/13
  • 1st workout

    I just completed my first workout - it was not easy - between kids coming in and out... and getting frustrated and taking it out on my husband who was trying to help me with my form .. woo .. I'M GLAD THATS OUT OF THE WAY! :0) Now hoping I can get...
    by: mrscspit on: 2012/02/21
  • So this is my starter..

    I  am really interested to find out how this goes. I am  DETERMINED to make this actually happen and I really anticipate it. :) I just hope I've enough time and discipline to follow through.. CAN'T WAIT TO WORK WITH MY FRESHLY TONED PHYSIQUE!!!!...
    by: MsStarsmileZ on: 2012/01/10
  • Im Ready!

    Day 1: My day 1 is the time where I make the decision to finally follow through with weightloss. I not only want to lose weight, but I want to get rid of body fat, so I can be healthy, confident and happy with myself.  My journey is just beginning...
    by: brandylmchenry on: 2013/05/24
  • Im really sore

    I am in alot of pain. Does anyone know how to relive pain from working out? My boyfriend is tired of rubing my sore areas... I really want to workout but simple movements hurt even. It took me forever to do my hair and makeup because my arms hurt ...
    by: VictoriousLette on: 2012/11/01
  • New to this

    Where are the workout routines?
    by: Terrbo on: 2014/02/10
  • pigletrules

    Hey guys, I need to start excerciseing for two reasons, one is time and second I just put it off.
    by: missy72173 on: 2012/02/13
  • day one

    i just signed up for a million differnet diet/excersie websites. I WILL BE SKINNY!! hw: 268 cw: 260 gw: 145
    by: milosmommy on: 2012/02/08
  • Starting out!

    So, I joined the site on Monday 2/27 and so far its going well! I have tons of motivation to get to the gym and do my workout! I've always had that issue that I lose motivation when I don't immediately see results. So, I'm hoping that I can keep i...
    by: Laurenilla214 on: 2012/03/01
  • 3rd week

    So I have been sticking to it and have been going at least 3 times a week and a minimum of 30 minutes on the treadmill. I usually do arms or leg muscles after that. And this pisser is according to the scale at work, I weigh more now then when I st...
    by: dma02 on: 2012/01/30
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