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Gym Equipment

Posted on: 2014/10/14, 08:04 AM by: kenmarvi
Since the gym that I am working out at has limited equipment, it is quite annoying when I already setup the 10lbs plates on those machines that I will be using on my routine and then somebody else will replace them with heavier plates because it is their turn to work out. 

I do not have any other alternatives at the moment. This is the most practical choice. Membership and per session fees are affordable and this gym is 20mins walking distance from home. 

The best case is when I am alone. I have everything under my control. My workout is continuous, minimal rests since everything is setup before my circuit training. I guess, I have to hang on till I could find a better gym.


  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2014/10/16
    Google power tower and if you have something like Craigslist you can pick up used dumbbells cheap.
  • kenmarvi kenmarvi 2014/10/16
    Great idea! Thanks Mr Geezer. Since I will be incorporating weight training as part of my lifestyle, it's good to invest in these. I'll start with a basic setup - last quarter of this year. I plan on getting a treadmill for indoor cardio.
  • Mr_Geezer Mr_Geezer 2014/10/15
    That's the nature of gyms. Do you have any space at home for equipment? I have dumbbells, an incline bench and a flat/incline bench and a large set of dumbbells. You can buy a dumbbell that has removable weights so you can go from 5 to 50 lbs using no space at all. I use a power tower for chins, pull ups, dips, leg raises, gorillas and quite a few others. None of these require much space and they are cheap.