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  • Transformation...once again

    Good morning from the Great Republic of Texas, y'all.  Today is the day I begin my retransformation...once again.  January 2009, I weighted almost 300lbs.  By August of 2009, I was able to shed 110lbs by putting myself on a sound eating and 2 a da...
    by: Nosselwop on: 2014/04/16
  • !st day on a new fitness plan

    Here I sit...48 years young, out of shape and about 20 lbs overwieght.. It's not that I lack motivation...I've already lost 15 lbs this year. I watch what I eat and exercise fairly regularly. I've been following the PINK method but lately it seems...
    by: Nan0127 on: 2012/04/30
  • Recently Single...Looking to the future

    Well it has been 12 days since I became single against my will. I have done the crying, the begging and now I realise it is time for me to move on and no-one can do it but me. I am now down to falling apart about 3 times a day which is better then...
    by: NewSunrise on: 2012/04/07
  • May I suceed this time

    So once again I set out to lose weight. I have lost and regained a lot more often then I care to admit. I regulary workout at my gym and eat well only to lose the spark of motivation and plumet right back to where I had started or in some instance...
    by: Ivory01 on: 2012/06/13
  • new beginning

    12 years ago I got treatment for compulsive overeating disorder. I controlled my weight with overexercising and purging and periods of starving. I had suffered from the condition for 35 years. As part of the treatment I was unable to exercise or d...
    by: longwood4 on: 2012/03/24
  • Planning Out My Work-Out

    I am setting my start date to go back to the Gym, as of September 1st, 2014.  I am really excited!  I am already a member of my local gym, and have already gone in for basic Cardio! My goal is that by the end of December, I will have reached 54...
    by: vjestica04 on: 2014/08/28
  • In The Beginning There Was Fat!

    I am obese. Not just fat, but obese. I am 5'3 and I weigh 270lbs aprox. The numbers look so small to me, I know 270lbs is a lot. That is at least two people my height. But looking at the numbers, they seem so small and insignificant. I am more tha...
    by: Seireness on: 2013/11/11
  • First Timer

    I just did my first workout yesterday. I have learned that one of the reasons that I wasn't keeping up a regular exercise program was that I started off beyond my actual level. The first workout was easy and I still broke a sweat. I have also real...
    by: Kay418 on: 2013/06/28
  • Today I decided to change my life!

    Saturday I tried on a bathing suit. It was to short and made me look horrible. I realize then I needed to change my life. Heart failure and diabetes run in my family and I do not want to go through what my mother is going through. I have lost 50 l...
    by: stefi1991 on: 2012/06/04
  • Kick Starting on a Monday

    Good Evening everyone! I thought I'd plan out my new diet tonight and get into it tomorrow moring so I searched the web for some diet plans and I came across this one. It seems good so I am going to try my best to stick to my plan. Hopefully I...
    by: WishingToBeThin on: 2012/02/12
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