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  • Gym Equipment

    Since the gym that I am working out at has limited equipment, it is quite annoying when I already setup the 10lbs plates on those machines that I will be using on my routine and then somebody else will replace them with heavier plates because it i...
    by: kenmarvi on: 2014/10/14
  • Week Two Harder Than Week One!

    I have a little girl two years ago and have yet to get my body back. I used to be 135 lbs., but now I can't get below 150. I have changed my diet for over a year now, but I guess it was time to add exercise. Trouble is I work and go to university ...
    by: red_mystic333 on: 2012/01/08
  • Day 1

    Today was day one of the beginning workout.  It's also day one of using this website.  I was hoping to find someone in the Jacksonville, Florida area to maybe go for walks with or something (as I could also use some sun), but this site doesn't all...
    by: yokofaitho on: 2013/07/08
  • New Beginnings

    I used to go out and walk a couple miles or more a day. I was 127 lbs at my lowest weight. Now I sit at home on my laptop or watch television at a staggering 167 lbs (which is still better than the 184 I graduated at, but still...). Part of it is ...
    by: hippie_chick on: 2013/08/08
  • Anyone Out There?

    I 've left several people messages, requested a partner on the Flog and joined three groups and not one person I have written to has responed. I am I missing something? I thought it would be fun to make some like minded friends. Anyone have any su...
    by: bdattel on: 2013/10/11
  • The beginning?

    Well, here is another project to attempt.  My aim here is to be healthier and a little more trim. For me and for my bf. I will see him early next year and it would be nice to be looking fit!! So in saying that I goals = My general fittness, for...
    by: DW369 on: 2012/11/19
  • I wanna partner!

    Who wants to be my partner?! :) I'm looking for someone to motivate me and is in the same boat as me lifestyle wise and such. I'm a great motivator myself so if you're looking for a partner hit me up! :) GROOL! (If you get GROOL you'll be the b...
    by: Ssmem on: 2012/10/08
  • Day 2!!

    2 days training and the DOMS has set in..eating goals could be a whole lot better so nutrition  being logged as from tomorrow!! It is monday after all!!
    by: scrumptiousk on: 2013/06/02
  • Cals in vs. Cals out

    When I first heard the phrase "Calories in vs. Calories out" I was a little confused. My thought was that if I worked out for one hour and thirty minutes and burned 700-800 calories, was that all the calories I was allowed for the day? If I am the...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/09/14
  • starting over

    so i'm starting over again. i've gained all the weight back plus 5 pounds... so now i'm starting from 200. i've been working for 4 days now at tracking my food and working out. i have challenged myself to a year of fitness. here we go.
    by: HelenArase on: 2012/09/13
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