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  • My OMG Moment

    I recently lost my job and today while I was turning in my resume I happened to see my reflection in the window of the company I was applying for.  When I seen my reflection I couldn't help but think "OMG, is that me?".  I was recently diagnosed w...
    by: jessvaughn on: 2012/03/22
  • First Step: Just Created Account

    Alrighty now. Im getting married in 19 months, i weigh 197 Ibs on a good day and i want to lose 50 pounds. So its time to get started! Starting my home workout in one day :D cant wait :D
    by: SparklesNShines on: 2012/01/24
  • The Beginning (AKA, the bad years)

    So heres the thing, growing up, it was rough. To start, in middle school, we recently moved (again) and my mom had been struggling with a lot of junk...and she kinda took it out of what junk I had in my trunk. I remember being in 5th grade, bra...
    by: jlsampler11 on: 2015/04/20
  • I'm a real fatty

    Can't wait to start getting back in shape. Sucks being this fat. Of every thing I ever thought would be a problem for me FAT was not ever on my list. HATE it. Also want to get up earlier n go bed earlier n have more energy n spend good time with m...
    by: kimbrownpoe on: 2012/11/04
  • setting up a diet plan

    I didn't get much sleep last night so I feel tired and lazy again. I probably got about 3 1/2 hours. I think later today after my kids appointments I will take a walk to pick up the mail, since I'll be energy-less for the whole day perhaps I shoul...
    by: levans3 on: 2012/03/21
  • Gaining weight &Tone Up

    I move around alot at my job..I was thinking what do you all think that could help me gain weight or tone up instead of losing weight because I do a lot of walking around and moving
    by: smartgirl24 on: 2014/02/27
  • January 9, 2012

    That'll be the first day of mine and my girlfriends weight loss goal. Not that we're too far over weight, I've just been trying to get rid of this extraness, and she's super supportive, so Yay! Go her! The over all goal is to loose about 15#'s, a...
    by: JackieO411 on: 2012/01/02
  • Perparing for day 1

    I'm not a big beliver in fad diets but trying to eat salads just not working for me lately. Just the thought of having to make a meal dosen't interest me any more. which is pretty sad i have 3 young children that i am detremond that are not going ...
    by: krissy1984 on: 2012/01/02
  • Starting Day

    Today is the day im supposed to start.  I am 6ft 290. My ultimate goal is to get down to 160.  I would like to be at least 100lbs thinner by this time next year. I have been battling with my weight since childhood. It never bothered me before. ...
    by: fsbeih on: 2013/12/09
  • please advise me

    So im thinking about picking one day a week that will be "meat free day". Ill eat low fat/fat free dairy, beans or nuts for my protein intake that day. Do you think that this would be benefial to my heart, weight and over all health? or am i just ...
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/01/27
  • OMG

    The awful realization that I weigh more than my hubby.  That's motivation enough for me to get off my @$$ and get to the gym!!!   Abs and back today!!
    by: Natsu2 on: 2012/06/12
  • Day 1 I AM GONNA DIE

    Guess who is extremely aggravated!?!? ME! I just typed up my whole flog entriy and saved it for a second cause I had to do something, and when I came back to it *POOF* GONE!!! Well now I know not to do that ever again... =P Today is a day you shou...
    by: jlaws27 on: 2012/09/24
  • Help! :)

    So this is my first time using this site and I'm having trouble with the nutrition section! I'm unable to get into the meal plans or even my meal plans? is everyone's like this because it says it was being fixed or something! help please :)
    by: mandykavanagh29 on: 2013/07/24
  • Getting rid of the Lazy

    Tomorrow is my first scheduled at home workout. I hope I stick with it! I just always find something "better" to do. Like sitting on my arse. I do own a business so I'm not LAZY, but I am lazy when I don't have something I have to do. This is my f...
    by: amunnerlyn on: 2012/04/24
  • Butter. Losers. Model. Friends. Chat up

    I feel like I gained more weight since I got back home. Must be because I have not been exercising because of the scorching heat and the long family get togethers. Today will be one of those days where I get to hang out with old friends, and talk ...
    by: 1SkeptikalHippo on: 2012/06/12
  • It's time.

    So today is the first day I begin the At Home workout. I'm still pretty nervous, but much less pumped. I'm sooo tired. But I'm going to try my hardest at this. My goal is about 180 pounds. The lowest I've been able to get is about 183 and that was...
    by: Lanceshaw on: 2012/01/05
  • Start

    Ok here we go, not sure how many times I've set myself fitness goals but I LOVE the fact I can see it all in black and white on this website including how to do each exercise! I AM going to do it this time... watch this space
    by: aimzy_fitness on: 2012/01/03
  • Cycle 1, Day 4

    Alright. I'm not exactly sticking to this diet right now since my mom hates cooking, doesn't want to excersise with me and absolutely loves fast food. Breakfast - 2 Sausage and Egg McMuffins (McDonald's) - 1 Hasbrown - 1 Mocha coffee with wh...
    by: emp67 on: 2012/01/19
  • First Day....I cheated!

    I printed out my workout sheet, drove to the gym was very ready for a decent workout. I ran on the treadmill for for about 35 mins then I did abs and some chest. I didn't push myself as far as I should have though. I also didn't do all that I se...
    by: ChimoBaby on: 2012/10/20
  • Day 3, 4

    Ok, I knew the lack of nutrition would kick in, and it is. Let's see... Day 3 (Sat) Slept late. So sore from 1st at home workout and late night heavy meal. Did have a nice WOG though, definitely improving, but my nutrition sucked and I knew it wo...
    by: tmatteson on: 2012/02/26
  • 94 Days: Here we go again!

    94 Days until I compete again with the IDFA as a 'Novice Tall Fitness Model', this time I'm gunning for first place :) I competed on July 27th 2012 with about 8 weeks of training and dieting. I started at a weight of around 134lbs and competed ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/07/24
  • It's time to change!

    Today is the first day I am on the site. I want to be honest, I'm very lazy and love to eat junk food! I find myself mostly sitting on the couch on my laptop or watching tv. I like to clean the house first thing when I wake up, but I usually keep ...
    by: SusanS3 on: 2013/02/20
  • First Day

    I have been wanting to lose weight for awhile now. My husband and i have been wanting to start a family and i havent been successful in conceiving and i know that my weight is a big factor. according to bmi and what not i need to lose at least 100...
    by: cheryljim on: 2015/05/13
  • Begin Again

    New to the site. day one. Most holiday celebrations over now. Just waiting on my older sisters bday, then I can offically start getting strict for new year. (techn her bday is the 2cd of jan, but we can't celebrate it until later)  I have a num...
    by: Wrevhn on: 2012/01/01
  • :(

    I have invited many people to be my "partner" on here and noone will accept  :0( .  Anybody out there willing to be my "partner"? if so, send me and invite please :0)
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/01/23
  • Eat well cost Too much

    My Biggest Problem is I have Limited  Income  $1000.00 a A Month. By time I Pay the bills and Rent I have maybe 175 to 200 to eat. I also end up at  local Food bank 3 to 4 times a year.  Eating Healthy takes money  I Need Help to e...
    by: Triddell on: 2012/06/23
  • Beginning Stats

    10-14-2012 Weight 171 Chest 39 Waist 36 Stomach 38 Bicep L Flex 13 Bicep R Flex 13 Thigh L 21.5 Thigh R 21.5
    by: echo3whiskey on: 2012/10/14
  • Here We Go

    So, here I am at the cusp of a much needed change.  My beginning weight is 298 lbs.  At 5' 8" with a rather stocky build, my ideal weight is around 175 - 180 but I will happily settle for 190 - 195.  Either way, I'm looking at a little over 100 lb...
    by: TomScar on: 2012/02/19
  • Day 2: MAN!! this is harder than I thought!

    Ok, so getting up in the morning, trying to be social, eating healthier, exercising, getting enough sleep, taking care of the kitty and my boyfriend is a lot less simple than all the websites, magazines, motivational speakers, and health freaks sa...
    by: bigmomma41411 on: 2012/06/23
  • Confused

    So I've been thinking about my current exercise plan, and I don't think I like it. I'm doing the At Home workout( I'm 15 with no job or car, I can't get to a gym xD) but I'm not physically challenged enough by it. It takes me twenty minutes to do ...
    by: Lanceshaw on: 2012/01/09
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