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My OMG Moment

Posted on: 2012/03/22, 10:57 PM by: jessvaughn
I recently lost my job and today while I was turning in my resume I happened to see my reflection in the window of the company I was applying for.  When I seen my reflection I couldn't help but think "OMG, is that me?".  I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism (something I feel contributed to poor work performance at my former job and contributed to my being let go).  I have never really had much energy once I hit my teens and now at 23 I weigh 221 lbs!  I have always been proportionate and able to hide my weight but today I couldn't help but notice the pregnant looking belly, huge thighs, and saggy arms in the window.  I felt like I did not know the person staring back at me.  How could I have let this get so bad.  I understand I have hypothyroidism and that it causes weight gain but I knew the symptoms and that something was wrong but I waited to get tested and put it off for years.  Now that I know what is wrong I thought taking the meds will help me lose the weight.  I have since beginning the meds lost 5 lbs but I need to do more, I need to eat healthier and exercise.  SInce I am out of work I have no excuses to not begin this now.  So beginning tomorrow (I would begin tonight but it is 11pm and I need to get up early due to a little terror I call my 3 year old) I am changing my ways.  It will be difficult and I probably will slip back into my old ways a few times but hopefully I can get through this and meet my long term goals by finishing my short term goals.  So here's to me beginning a new life and becoming a better, healthier me!


  • danzerusa danzerusa 2012/04/09
    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 12. Actually my thyroid just stopped working and I came really close to dying until my dermatologist (of all the doctors that I was seeing) looked at my labs and noticed my thyroid was not producing anything. I am now 29 and weigh more now than I ever have before. I have 3 kids (my youngest is 2) and weigh 230 pounds. Since my thyroid quit I have been pretty active. I used to dance (I did all throughout my first pregnancy) and go to the gym all of the time. Even though I am active I still can not seem to lose any weight, in fact I gained. I always look like I'm 5 months pregnant. It can be really depressing and I have gone through periods of my life when I don't even want to leave my house because of the way I look and how my clothes fit. I am on 200 mcg of synthroid and have been on that dose for about 8 years but it has not helped me shed the weight. so I know what you are going through, its tough
  • levans3 levans3 2012/03/25
    When I see myself in the mirror which isn't too often, it is shocking too. I choose not to see myself in a negative way, so only have mirrors that show my face. :P but because of that I think I've gained more weight. I have a 3 and 2 year old also, and they can be terrors at that age! good luck with achieving your goals. And cheers to a better and healthier us. ;)