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  • My OMG Moment

    I recently lost my job and today while I was turning in my resume I happened to see my reflection in the window of the company I was applying for.  When I seen my reflection I couldn't help but think "OMG, is that me?".  I was recently diagnosed w...
    by: jessvaughn on: 2012/03/22
  • First Step: Just Created Account

    Alrighty now. Im getting married in 19 months, i weigh 197 Ibs on a good day and i want to lose 50 pounds. So its time to get started! Starting my home workout in one day :D cant wait :D
    by: SparklesNShines on: 2012/01/24
  • Beginning

    Should I eat first, or go directly to exercising? It's beautiful out and I am going to try to walk a few times today. Watching a infomercial for Rockin'Body workout. You can burn 1000 calories a day from dancing. The guy makes it seem effortle...
    by: anicole92 on: 2014/10/29
  • I'm a real fatty

    Can't wait to start getting back in shape. Sucks being this fat. Of every thing I ever thought would be a problem for me FAT was not ever on my list. HATE it. Also want to get up earlier n go bed earlier n have more energy n spend good time with m...
    by: kimbrownpoe on: 2012/11/04
  • Gaining weight &Tone Up

    I move around alot at my job..I was thinking what do you all think that could help me gain weight or tone up instead of losing weight because I do a lot of walking around and moving
    by: smartgirl24 on: 2014/02/27
  • 12 weeks

    Today is the day I start my on season diet and posing for my second figure bodybuilding competition. 12 weeks and 3 days untilI I hit the stage, feeing excied but a biot nervous that I wont be where I want as I have gained weight due to my under ...
    by: [Former member] on: 2015/05/19
  • Day 3, 4

    Ok, I knew the lack of nutrition would kick in, and it is. Let's see... Day 3 (Sat) Slept late. So sore from 1st at home workout and late night heavy meal. Did have a nice WOG though, definitely improving, but my nutrition sucked and I knew it wo...
    by: tmatteson on: 2012/02/26
  • please advise me

    So im thinking about picking one day a week that will be "meat free day". Ill eat low fat/fat free dairy, beans or nuts for my protein intake that day. Do you think that this would be benefial to my heart, weight and over all health? or am i just ...
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/01/27
  • After 6 months

    My husband deployed to Iraq in May 2011 and returned home in Nov :) While he was home on R & R in August I joined the Gold's gym near our home at the time, signed up with the personal trainer and did boot camps on the weekends! It has been 6 month...
    by: datownzen on: 2012/03/22
  • It's time.

    So today is the first day I begin the At Home workout. I'm still pretty nervous, but much less pumped. I'm sooo tired. But I'm going to try my hardest at this. My goal is about 180 pounds. The lowest I've been able to get is about 183 and that was...
    by: Lanceshaw on: 2012/01/05
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