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2 days till I kick off

Posted on: 2013/02/08, 03:38 PM by: Picko123
Well it's two days until I start my 90 day challenge to reverse the past 5 years of living a very indulgent lifestyle. I have continued exercising throughout this time although moderate at time but its now time to kick it up a gear, curve the beer and chilli kettle chips (man they are good!!) drop some KG's and finally build some muscle mass.

This is my first time tracking my journey on a blog, although I feel I have been down this path many times starting back in high school so here's hoping this will help me stay on track.

I plan to post a weekly update with weigh in and a monthly picture.

If anyone else is planning to kick off and could do with a friendly push, come along for the journey.

Bring it on!!


  • upallnightops upallnightops 2013/02/11
    One I wrote for myself as a cPT. I do weight lifting on tues/thur focus on splitting up the body muscles of primary and secondary. go from one exercise on working a primary and switching to the next that worked the previous as a secondary to now being a primary. Got myself somewhat toned at this point, but I still have a lot to work on to get my 6pack back. Also do yoga for stretching and strengthening my ligaments.
  • Picko123 Picko123 2013/02/11
    Cheers, thanks for the support. So far so good-day 1 wrapped up. What program are you following?
  • upallnightops upallnightops 2013/02/10
    I am doing about the same thing, except I am into week 2 and its been a uplifting experience. Couldn't believe how tired and how much sleep I needed that first week. Keep it up, and I support you. Do it for you, and only you. You have to live in your skin, so feel good about it!