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  • Need a menu

    I need a menu I guess. Everyone says to eat seafood and lots of beans....those are two things I have the hardest times with. I guess I could do fish and beans if there was a good way to cook it. I have gained 50 lbs since Christmas and I cannot sh...
    by: mreclark on: 2012/02/29
  • Beginning

    Should I eat first, or go directly to exercising? It's beautiful out and I am going to try to walk a few times today. Watching a infomercial for Rockin'Body workout. You can burn 1000 calories a day from dancing. The guy makes it seem effortle...
    by: anicole92 on: 2014/10/29
  • I'm a real fatty

    Can't wait to start getting back in shape. Sucks being this fat. Of every thing I ever thought would be a problem for me FAT was not ever on my list. HATE it. Also want to get up earlier n go bed earlier n have more energy n spend good time with m...
    by: kimbrownpoe on: 2012/11/04
  • setting up a diet plan

    I didn't get much sleep last night so I feel tired and lazy again. I probably got about 3 1/2 hours. I think later today after my kids appointments I will take a walk to pick up the mail, since I'll be energy-less for the whole day perhaps I shoul...
    by: levans3 on: 2012/03/21
  • No Nutrition Site?

    Hello; I am inquiring about your Nutrition segment on this site.  I t states it would have been completed in 2012, but as of this date, it is still incomplete.  I believe that it will be an important topic and assistance in weight loss if I could...
    by: mes880 on: 2014/02/10
  • Cycle 1, Day 4

    Alright. I'm not exactly sticking to this diet right now since my mom hates cooking, doesn't want to excersise with me and absolutely loves fast food. Breakfast - 2 Sausage and Egg McMuffins (McDonald's) - 1 Hasbrown - 1 Mocha coffee with wh...
    by: emp67 on: 2012/01/19
  • Day 3, 4

    Ok, I knew the lack of nutrition would kick in, and it is. Let's see... Day 3 (Sat) Slept late. So sore from 1st at home workout and late night heavy meal. Did have a nice WOG though, definitely improving, but my nutrition sucked and I knew it wo...
    by: tmatteson on: 2012/02/26
  • please advise me

    So im thinking about picking one day a week that will be "meat free day". Ill eat low fat/fat free dairy, beans or nuts for my protein intake that day. Do you think that this would be benefial to my heart, weight and over all health? or am i just ...
    by: gerilynn1975 on: 2012/01/27
  • Calorie and Fat Counter

    Monday 02/13 BREAKFAST- 0 calories and Fat LUNCH 700 Calories and 18 Fat DINNER-? Calories and ? Fat  TOTAL= Tuesday 02/14 BREAKFAST -? Calories and ? Fat LUNCH ? Calories and ? Fat DINNER ? Calories and ? Fat   TOTAL=
    by: canduice on: 2012/02/13
  • Motivation

    I started the whole exercise & diet yeaterday. Felt i done great ate appropriately, done the home workout then had a 4mile jog. Then today I laked motivation on the food side, ate a lot that i should'nt of. Food is like my bestfriend & I'm struggl...
    by: Trishamangion on: 2012/03/17
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