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Should I or shouldn't I..??

Posted on: 2017/07/19, 08:29 PM by: KristinWinstead
So, my husband has been on the keto diet for some time now and I was thinking about doing it with him. It would make more sense since we would only have to buy food for one diet instead or two separate. My main concern would be losing my butt. I have an average size butt for my size and my husband seems to like it. However I know neither one of us will be very happy if I lose it. I want to lose the weight around my stomach, love handles, and arms. I'm hoping this goes well and I lose the body fat I don't need so I can tone up everything that needs to be right, tight, and hot! To be continued....


  • dkimbell dkimbell 2018/07/21
    My wife and I have been Keto for almost 4 months. Keep the butt by doing squats and glut exercises.