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  • Workout Routine

    Can y'all please help me to create a workout routine which includes warm up, cool down, cardio, flexibility and strength training?
    by: subhamshaw154 on: 2015/04/20
  • Day 10 (lost 6lbs!!)

    Hello lovelies!  I hope you are all having a great Friday.  I am in double figures now - DAY 10!!  I have loved it so far, it's been hard on occassion and I did have that slice of bakewell tart but I have been in the gym most days (I'd say 8/10). ...
    by: amyjaneagain on: 2012/01/13
  • 1 Week Later

    Today marks one week in of my 5 days/wk weight loss and training program .  I feel much better than I did last Thursday when I started.  My first realization is that my arms are extremely weak, flabby and need much "love" and attention!  My legs a...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/07/26
  • Day 1 & 2 on exercise and diet

    Hi everyone, Starting weight 200lbs; saw the doctor got some help. One month later I am down 13lbs. Now I want to keep the wieght loss going at maximum results, but overall I want to be healthy. So here I am trying to start and exercise routine...
    by: Heatherlynnk on: 2012/06/26
  • ipod apps

    Already started shedding the 'vacation' pounds!  I found 2 apps that help me tremendously.  Lose it! and MY Weight.  Lose it! helps me keep track of the calories I consume in a day.  You can enter exercises that you do and it ajusts calorie int...
    by: isabelle14 on: 2012/03/13
  • Im Back....

    So, I have done a lot since 2009! I started training for and competing in Strong Woman Competitions. I placed 9 out of 10 heavy weights my first year of training at America's Strongest Woman...2010 The following spring (2011) I injured my sh...
    by: asimmer on: 2012/01/27
  • Fat go away

    Gained my weight back. Went from 145 to 185. Harder to get rid of the extra fat. I guess age, 57, as something to do with it and the fact that I have lost my self control staying away from junk food......Fat go away.
    by: mikem57 on: 2015/04/18
  • Lost some inches...Yay!

    I stumbled upon December 28, 2011. I started doing the at home program that same day. I've been consistant in doing the strength training every other day since that time, in addition to a diet. As of Monday, Jan 2, I've lost half ...
    by: mztaly24 on: 2012/01/05
  • Project April: Entry #2

    Second week of taking pictures and I really hope that there is a difference, even if it is minor. I don't want to get my hopes too high, but on the other hand it would be nice for my self esteem. Its hard to workout at my size and it makes me self...
    by: QueenRose238 on: 2015/06/10
  • 1st month down and I am fired up

    So at age 43 and almost 40lbs overweight I decided to change my eating habbits and joined 2 gyms.  One at work and one at my apartment (no excuses)...  I dropped drinking cokes totally from my diet and only drink water, lots of it, with the MIO dr...
    by: djjasonjensen on: 2013/06/23
  • Another thing-

    By consuming good fats helps to rid the body of bad body fat which results in large amounts of lbs.....And adding apple cider vinegar to a drink of water helps burn fat & calories:-)
    by: LadyAries99 on: 2012/05/30
  • 2012 Welcome!

    Welcome to 2012.  As many of us are starting the New Year, lots of us have Health and Fitness at the top of our Resolutions list.  One thing to keep in mind is that a healthy lifestyle and fitness are a constant thing in our lives, not an option. ...
    by: Ravenbeauty on: 2012/01/02
  • New Beginning

    Well, ive finally found someone to workout with. Which means i have no excuses anymore. its time to get back into shape and drop this excess baggage i have. A new day and a new start!
    by: jasjoh9181 on: 2014/07/21
  • Getting it together

    Today I went to get my total body evaluated by a health nutritionist I have a lot to work on but determined to reach my goal
    by: Marivi916 on: 2012/01/03
  • The Morning After

    I just woke up after passing out after my first FreeTrainers workout that I increased like a glutton for punishment & I must say I feel rather good! I'm noticing that I'm more inclined to do the full workout in the evenings after the babes are asl...
    by: luv1butterfly on: 2012/01/10
  • First Weigh in

    Weighed in at 318lbs. Meals: Breakfast = Vex Cereal + 2% Milk Lunch = Burger & Onion Rings Supper = Kraft Dinner (2 Bowls) Snacks = None
    by: Kklemmer on: 2012/01/30

    Guys I am PSYCHED! On July 24th, I tested out the exceptionally hyped up diet pills known as Garcina Cambogia. The pitch was that these "miracle" pills would shed pounds of fat, even without changing your diet & exercise routine. They recommended ...
    by: snm0918 on: 2014/10/04
  • Just some thoughts

    So, a few months ago, I started working out with weights and exercising much more at home than I was. I'm a lifelong distance runner, so have always exercised. Now I run three times a week just for maintenance, usually 4 miles at a time. I don't b...
    by: jwads on: 2012/09/11
  • I just joined

    I just joined this site, not as a New Years Resolution - I think they are doomed to fail, but to get a kick in the pants to get back to where I was 5 years ago. I, like many other people, want my 21 year old body back. I am only 26 and I got out o...
    by: jocephus865 on: 2012/01/01
  • The Truth Hurts

    Last week I had my first meeting with a trainer. He went through a lifestyle analysis with me. I was saddened to hear that I have the body of a 58 year old and the lung capacity of a 62 year old. I am 49. Needless to say, this was NOT what I wante...
    by: danaburgess on: 2014/02/02
  • Get Moving!

    This is my mantra!
    by: Cermakovia on: 2012/02/10
  • Day 2

    It's day 2 already, obviously no visible difference but I feel like I have more energy, getting up this morning was easier and when the rain came on earlier when I was outside I ran home (not far, was already walking) without thinking I was going ...
    by: amyjaneagain on: 2012/01/04
  • I'm Finally Ready

    So here I am, 20 years of age and finally ready to admit to myself that yes I AM OBESE, and instead of being sad about it I am going to do something about it. I have spent 15 years out of my 20 being overweight, trying fad diets and always failing...
    by: Aiswel on: 2012/04/30
  • The start of my new life

    This is the day i turn my lie around, become healthy and look and feel a million dollars!
    by: shehulk on: 2012/01/18

    So this is going to be my venting spot for me working out and being on my weight loss journey. So let me start off by introducing myself...My name is Razia, but people call me Raz for short. So let me say that I have been on a weight loss journey ...
    by: raziah661 on: 2016/11/29
  • new me

    as I start on this  journey today I am very excited about losing weight and improving my health must excerise daily follow diet rant about whats bothering me at the monent get motivated so I can do it
    by: 123ethel on: 2014/11/10
  • Day 3

    So following signing up and completing the first workout on here things have gone from okay to great! I went to the gym on Saturday. Worked out, went swimming, the jacuzzi and the sauna. It was a lovely day and got me really pumped. Today I felt I...
    by: [Former member] on: 2014/06/23
  • My first day!

    Well, today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am going to try to think of this as a change in the way I live rather than a diet . I am doing this for a lot of reasons, 1. I want to feel better about myself! 2. I am tired of buying ne...
    by: Rdy4NewMe on: 2012/09/05
  • Getting into A shape

    It is difficult sometimes to buckle down and commit to a change in ones lifestyle. Growing another year older I have decided to finally get into a better mindset of fitness and nutrition. I went today to signup for a membership at a local gym. Bef...
    by: bigben4879 on: 2012/06/15
  • Memory lane

    In the past few days I have really put in some thought,  I have a 20 yr reunion coming up very soon.  I looked back at my years in school:  Freshman in HS I was 50 lbs overweight.  After making the decision to change my life I started running or t...
    by: Tinadp on: 2012/04/20
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