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Getting into A shape

Posted on: 2012/06/15, 08:25 PM by: bigben4879
It is difficult sometimes to buckle down and commit to a change in ones lifestyle. Growing another year older I have decided to finally get into a better mindset of fitness and nutrition. I went today to signup for a membership at a local gym. Before today I had always said maybe later and convinced myself by citing a litany of reasons why I didn't need one. I decided what better way to get into the game than to step up to plate and go for it. If you are spending the money for it you're probably gonna use it, right?

This new facility is great it has alot I think I need and alot more I didn't even know they did at most gyms. I've been looking through some guides and fitness plans online for ones that suited me and the end result I want in this new version of myself and the future looks daunting. I'm not going to kid myself and think that I will make these changes over night. The "cheat day" my turn into a "chest weekend" sometimes until I can resiste the call of the mighty Oreo cookie or the chocolate cake. Losing weight and eating right, I've discovered, isn't just about what you do with your body but more importantly what you achieve with your mind.

I hope that as I walk down this road and chronical my journey in the land of wellness I can hear more and hear from the people that also struggle to live properly. To really achieve your goal you ultimately have to rely on yourself to pull you through, but it never hurts to have someone esle around to motivate and encourage when the willingness to go on is fading. I look forward to the challenges, limited as they are right now, of the goals I have set for myself. To conquer ones goal is only the first step to conquering the next.


  • Ivory01 Ivory01 2012/06/16
    CONGRATUALTIONS! Good on you for taking the first step it's always the hardest to admit we need to take action. It won't be an easy journey but it'll be worth it. Take it one step at a time and remember you're a begginner so excercise as one and graduaally progress onto the next stage of upping the ante. Good luck let us know how you go and congrats again cheers.