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1 Week Later

Posted on: 2012/07/26, 01:18 PM
Today marks one week in of my 5 days/wk weight loss and training program .  I feel much better than I did last Thursday when I started.  My first realization is that my arms are extremely weak, flabby and need much "love" and attention!  My legs are the strongest part of my body and I definitely need to work on strengthening my core,  increasing flexibility, and improving balance.  I believe in a whole body workout to achieve my goals. Flexibility and balance are also a part of maintaining peace (stress-free days), keeping my circulatory system and digestive tracks flowing along with healthy eating and a consistent lifestyle filled with MOVING!

Motivation: My husband and our future children
Today's Weight: 215.8 lbs (-1.6lbs)
Goal Weight: 180 lbs