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The Truth Hurts

Posted on: 2014/02/02, 10:31 PM by: danaburgess
Last week I had my first meeting with a trainer. He went through a lifestyle analysis with me. I was saddened to hear that I have the body of a 58 year old and the lung capacity of a 62 year old. I am 49. Needless to say, this was NOT what I wanted to hear. And, somehow it was also not what I was expecting to hear. I guess I have been in denial. I kept saying I was overweight, under-in-shape and in need of a fitness makeover. I still thought I was better than that. Now I know - and now I change.


  • sexycc sexycc 2014/02/04
    I hope you feel better...loosing wieght and being healthy is so hard but so worth it.