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Day 1 & 2 on exercise and diet

Posted on: 2012/06/26, 11:51 AM by: Heatherlynnk
Hi everyone,

Starting weight 200lbs; saw the doctor got some help. One month later I am down 13lbs. Now I want to keep the wieght loss going at maximum results, but overall I want to be healthy. So here I am trying to start and exercise routine and eat healthy. Most of all I need support. I can't do it alone so here goes nothing.

Yesterday was my first day starting this whole thing. I jumped on my eliptical and chose a 20 min workout that was preset. I think it was called calorie blast. I felt great all day. I burned 231 calories. 

Today I wanted to try something different to focus on all my muscles. I want to burn as many calories and tone my entire body. I chose the ball workout program for a beginner. It took me 55 minutes to complete it. I feel great though. I used muscles I forgot I had. 

Anyways the other thing that I have started to do is keep track of my food, calorie intake and calories burned. Now in order to do this as easily as possible, I signed up on webmd.com. They have free tools you can use to keep track of everything. They tell you (depending on your age, weight, hight, physical ativity level and goals) how many calories you need to consume and how many you need to burn on a daily basis. They also give recomendations on how much nutrition should be consumed on a daily basis. For example, how much fat, protien, sugar, carbs etc, is healthy. It is an awesome tool to use in conjunction with this cite.