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  • United States United States
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  • 50 years old
  • Joined: 2003/01/07


I am an amateur competitor and personal trainer. I believe that fitness is a mind/body/lifestyle matter, it all has to be integrated. This is a great site for info and motivation!

I competed at America's Strongest Woman, 2010 and am currently training to get back on stage as a heavyweight bodybuilder.

Goals and motivation

To come in leaner and bigger for my next competition (go heavyweights!).
To help as many people fulfill their fitness potential as I can.
Biggest achievement - going from 200lbs to 145lbs and setting a good fitness example for my daughter.

Fit wall

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  • James47 James47 2012/02/08
    one day at time and together we can do great things james
  • dark_temptation dark_temptation 2009/12/29
    j.turner.ctr@gmail.com , Welcome to the FreeTrainers.com
  • justfortoday justfortoday 2009/07/29
    hi there! this is my first post so i was looking to get some further inspiration... ive been training for about 1 1/2 years and i have hit that amazing plateau and cant break through, mentally and physically... any suggestions would be appreciated!!! thanks again and congrats on all your accomplishments!!!
  • arlenet arlenet 2009/06/28
    Where are you located for training?
  • MoeMomma MoeMomma 2009/06/10
    hello..I am so confused on what on all the different info. I want to loose weight and tone up in the process. Should I be drinking Muscle milk? If so when? Please help!
  • dominguezdrop dominguezdrop 2009/03/12
    get down your a savage keep it up you look great
  • 10.10. 10.10. 2009/02/05
    uau, you are such an inspiration for all of us!you look fantastic! you will be my role model from now on. <BR>asimmer! i am 40 yr old, 140 lb, and 5.4 tall. i eat healthy and workout 5 days/week and cardio as well. my queston to you is since i workout from 6.30-7.30 pm should my dinner include carbs? i am a pear shape and am on my way to make it more symetric with lots of hard work. <BR>i would really, really appreciate your advise. <BR>thanks a lot and keep it up. <BR> <BR>bianca
  • Olga2017 Olga2017 2008/12/31
    how much weight should I begin for my reps? email osmyth@sc.rr.com (please don't send me spam or adds for products)
  • fmcclain fmcclain 2008/12/07
    Wow..what a change! My body now is simalar to your before pic. After becoming a stay at home mom/wife about 2 years ago I gained around 50 pounds. I would love to be slim and toned. How did you do it? You can e-mail me at fmcclain5375@netzero.net or just send me a message here. Any info would be great.
  • passmea7up passmea7up 2008/10/11
    i actually have a question that I need answered... please contact me at passmea7up@yahoo.com I need to know how to control my breathing when running distances. I also need to know how I can increase my heart rate to a fat burn or cardio percentage. my heart rate never reaches cardio and barely reaches fat burn even if i feel the work out.
  • amayen amayen 2008/07/31
    Your photos (especially your before photo) have inspired me to STOP thinking about lipo suction that it IS possible to get rid of this belly with diet and excercise! THANK YOU <BR>Ali
  • MsSexyMama MsSexyMama 2008/07/18
    YOU GO GIRL! you look fabulous. You have inspired me alot.
  • taniac22 taniac22 2008/06/18
    OMG! You totally transformed. I can really relate to your before photo lol, I'm still there. Just looking at your pics is an inspiration though, thanks for putting them up. :)
  • 2poochie 2poochie 2008/05/21
    I was just wondering, before your transformation shown here have you ever done it before or was this your first time?
  • eddaniels22 eddaniels22 2008/04/17
    truly amazing, a never better example of what someone can do if they only choose to do so. i hope i can stay the course to those heights.
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