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I'm Finally Ready

Posted on: 2012/04/30, 12:46 PM by: Aiswel
So here I am, 20 years of age and finally ready to admit to myself that yes I AM OBESE, and instead of being sad about it I am going to do something about it. I have spent 15 years out of my 20 being overweight, trying fad diets and always failing well not this time. I have decided that this time is the most important. I am making a change and going to stick with it. In 3 months I'll be 21 and I want to feel like I have completed my first 3 goals. I just weighed myself and I am 234lbs, 16st 10lbs. I promised myself when I hit 15st that I would never allow myself be 16st but here I am on my way to 17st. But I will not let that happen. I have always been abe to say that I'm bigger to other people but never myself until today when I looked in the mirror and decided I do not want to be this person. I want to live life have boyfriends and be happy. I was able to tell myself that I am obese but I can change that. I finally have the right mindset to change my body and soul. I now know and have witnessed my problems with food. I overeat and binge and am disgusted by it. 

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I want to be happy. I want to be free. I want to have control.

                                                                                       I want to Live.

Ais xo


  • sboo26 sboo26 2012/04/30
    U can do it. keep believing and trying. i decided that when i get discouraged or lazy im just going to visualize myself where i want to be.
  • Nan0127 Nan0127 2012/04/30
    Awesome,..we'll do this together :)
  • Aiswel Aiswel 2012/04/30
    Thanks so much xo
  • Actary Actary 2012/04/30
    And living your life, you will! You can do it, you have already done the most difficult thing: you have faced your demons! You understand, now, what it takes... what you have to do! Good luck, never give up, always keep in mind that you're strong and that there is nothing in this world that will not allow you to be fierce, healthy and beautiful!!!