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Im Back....

Posted on: 2012/01/27, 03:23 PM by: asimmer
So, I have done a lot since 2009!

I started training for and competing in Strong Woman Competitions. I placed 9 out of 10 heavy weights my first year of training at America's Strongest Woman...2010

The following spring (2011) I injured my shoulder with overtraining certain movements and attempting too heavy of an atlas stone (that was the straw that broke the camels shoulder..lol)

I went on and competed in June 2011 to qualify for nationals again but my shoulder wasn't having any of it..so.

Backed off the event training and rehabbed shoulder and needed a goal.. I am currently training to get back on the bodybuilding stage in March.

My goal after that is to return to strong woman as a completely different, stronger competitor.

My workouts right now are a split routine.

My diet is very specific, until 2 weeks agao I was getting 2500 calories a day and lots of carbs, lol. Two weeks ago we switched it up and I still get oats and yams my first 3 meals, but the rest is veggies (protein at every meal of course) my calories now are 2000/day and i continue to drop about 3 pounds a week :)

Today was the first real workout that I noticed decreased strength. I did deadlifts and back. My deadlifts are normally very strong, I've been pulling 315 for 3 sets of 3 after two sets of 20 with 185-220lbs.

Today I hoped to get 335X3..I got 2, they really sucked. I bumped myself back down to 315 and did 2 sets of 3, which also were harder than usual.

So..now the mental game of not being as strong as I think I should be starts..

At least it is only 2 more months.

Anyhoo. good to be back, I will cruise the Flogs when I have time and try to be generally helpful, though time and energy aren't in the abundance they used to be!


  • [Former member] 2012/01/27
    You have no idea how much you taught me. I hope you cruise by often.