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Day 10 (lost 6lbs!!)

Posted on: 2012/01/13, 07:43 AM by: amyjaneagain
Hello lovelies!  I hope you are all having a great Friday.  I am in double figures now - DAY 10!!  I have loved it so far, it's been hard on occassion and I did have that slice of bakewell tart but I have been in the gym most days (I'd say 8/10).  You've been very helpful and answered my questions before, can anyone help me with this?  I previously drank tea all day every day with sweetener and milk, as part of my new healthier plan I swapped it for green tea with a drop of honey, I know honey is natural but it is also very sweet, am I better having normal tea with sweetener?  I literally drink about 10 cups a day so it all adds up.  Last night I was in late and decided to go for a run instead of the gym, it was freezing and I didn't do very well - definitely favouring the gym in future, I'll try that again in the warmer/lighter weather.  I heard that turkey is the healthiest meat to eat so I'll let you know how my dinner tastes later!  Good luck to you all xx


  • MestariYoda MestariYoda 2012/01/18
    I don't know much about this, but did some digging aroung the lovely world of internet. Honey is basically plain sugar so using artificial sweeteners is a healthier option. It does have a lot of carbs, but still less than honey and you can regulate your use easier, because of the immense sweetness. Sorry for my bad english, hope this helps!