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  • Workout Routine

    Can y'all please help me to create a workout routine which includes warm up, cool down, cardio, flexibility and strength training?
    by: subhamshaw154 on: 2015/04/20
  • The Firm Express - thin in 30 - Day 1

    This week i've been keeping a calorie count, watching what I'm eating and the portions. I've cut out soda and have only had 8 ounces one day this week. I haven't been exercising at all this week, until today. I started the firm express thin in ...
    by: CosmicWitch on: 2012/01/07
  • Abs everyday?

    Just started my workout from the calendar and noticed it says to do Ab workouts everday.  Isn't that much? I was taught Abs are muscle like any other and needs the necessary 48 hour rest.  Is there some new technique or study I am not aware of?
    by: bpatel48 on: 2012/04/27
  • Day 10 (lost 6lbs!!)

    Hello lovelies!  I hope you are all having a great Friday.  I am in double figures now - DAY 10!!  I have loved it so far, it's been hard on occassion and I did have that slice of bakewell tart but I have been in the gym most days (I'd say 8/10). ...
    by: amyjaneagain on: 2012/01/13
  • Calories Burned

    Should I be fixated on calories burned when doing my cardio?  I do cardio 5x a week for 30 minutes; using the treadmill or the elliptical.  I notice each time I'm only burning little over 200 calories.  What's a good?  Is this why I'm not seeing a...
    by: Stringbean317 on: 2012/08/16
  • First day in the gym

    First day in gym and felt a little intimidated trying to figure out the machines that coincide with my workout. Had a gentleman comment on what me being on my phone during my workout, which wasn't the case...I was not doing! I was using my smart p...
    by: cmraines on: 2012/01/14
  • unbelievable

    Wow! Im still in shock, i lost 6 pounds in 2 days just by counting calories and a 40 min tredmile running! :O i got 6 months to lose more and more weight. Im fat but im not shy...but i have a this problem that i can't talk about my weight and...
    by: tarlongh on: 2012/01/04
  • How?

    I would like to loose at least 60 pounds by June!!! Tough goal, I konw... Anybody who can help?? Please do... I am currently 210 and I am 5ft 6in. I go to school at night and currently don't work, so my days are very open.... PLEASE HELP!!! :(
    by: brittany_11857 on: 2012/02/01
  • Let's get started!

    So today I start again.. aiming to lean up and increase my lean muscle again. For the past year things have been extremely busy. With regular 80-100 hour work weeks, every week.. a double hernia surgery.. a new baby boy in addition to my 2 year...
    by: george on: 2012/01/16
  • Supplements?

    Ok, so i'm just starting me diet/workout today. I'm not a very large person but im all soft flubber.. no muscle. I'm thinking i need some sort off fat burner or dietary supplement? Maybe vitatimins? what would you experienced folks recommend to ki...
    by: msdanon1 on: 2012/02/20
  • In the beginning

    OK, This is me on January 10, 2014. Not looking so good. Knees are hurting. Can't get up off the floor without holding onto something. No energy. Th yroid problems. It is time to step up. So I hav e a few goals: do mud heroes (
    by: danaburgess on: 2014/01/13
  • proper rest

    How much rest should one take between sets? When is a good time to change your routine?
    by: dplum22 on: 2013/05/24
  • How long?

    How long is too long to workout in a single session? I want my workouts to be effective but don't want to workout so long that my body goes into survival mode. My normal time spent working out is 1hr to 1h 30m....
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/08/17
  • 1 Week Later

    Today marks one week in of my 5 days/wk weight loss and training program .  I feel much better than I did last Thursday when I started.  My first realization is that my arms are extremely weak, flabby and need much "love" and attention!  My legs a...
    by: [Former member] on: 2012/07/26
  • Day 1 & 2 on exercise and diet

    Hi everyone, Starting weight 200lbs; saw the doctor got some help. One month later I am down 13lbs. Now I want to keep the wieght loss going at maximum results, but overall I want to be healthy. So here I am trying to start and exercise routine...
    by: Heatherlynnk on: 2012/06/26
  • ipod apps

    Already started shedding the 'vacation' pounds!  I found 2 apps that help me tremendously.  Lose it! and MY Weight.  Lose it! helps me keep track of the calories I consume in a day.  You can enter exercises that you do and it ajusts calorie int...
    by: isabelle14 on: 2012/03/13
  • Im Back....

    So, I have done a lot since 2009! I started training for and competing in Strong Woman Competitions. I placed 9 out of 10 heavy weights my first year of training at America's Strongest Woman...2010 The following spring (2011) I injured my sh...
    by: asimmer on: 2012/01/27
  • Fat go away

    Gained my weight back. Went from 145 to 185. Harder to get rid of the extra fat. I guess age, 57, as something to do with it and the fact that I have lost my self control staying away from junk food......Fat go away.
    by: mikem57 on: 2015/04/18
  • #7 One day at a time

    Ok-so I am finding that making this a habit is harder than I thought it would be.  Today I did 40 mins cardio then core, biceps, triceps and back.  Oh, and also took my measurements...needless to say taking my measurements sparked a little "feel b...
    by: CRNP on: 2012/02/12
  • Lost some inches...Yay!

    I stumbled upon December 28, 2011. I started doing the at home program that same day. I've been consistant in doing the strength training every other day since that time, in addition to a diet. As of Monday, Jan 2, I've lost half ...
    by: mztaly24 on: 2012/01/05
  • Project April: Entry #2

    Second week of taking pictures and I really hope that there is a difference, even if it is minor. I don't want to get my hopes too high, but on the other hand it would be nice for my self esteem. Its hard to workout at my size and it makes me self...
    by: QueenRose238 on: 2015/06/10
  • 1st month down and I am fired up

    So at age 43 and almost 40lbs overweight I decided to change my eating habbits and joined 2 gyms.  One at work and one at my apartment (no excuses)...  I dropped drinking cokes totally from my diet and only drink water, lots of it, with the MIO dr...
    by: djjasonjensen on: 2013/06/23
  • Logs

    I have missed a few days on updating again!  It has been a busy week.  Tues was legs.  Droped off the kids at MMA practice and headed to cardio 30 minutes to start then I did 70 lb leg press on a sled (3 sets), 70 lb calve raises ( 3 sets 15 strai...
    by: Tinadp on: 2012/04/27

    I first want to start off by inttroducing myself.  My name is Allison, I am 27, going to be 28 on June 14th (oh god) and Sunday was the first day of my whole life I ever stepped foot into a gym. To be completely honest, I did not plan on working o...
    by: Allisonlynn614 on: 2012/05/30
  • Another thing-

    By consuming good fats helps to rid the body of bad body fat which results in large amounts of lbs.....And adding apple cider vinegar to a drink of water helps burn fat & calories:-)
    by: LadyAries99 on: 2012/05/30
  • First Day of Training Program

    Although I've been working out consistently for the last 16 years, this is the first time in two years that I've employed a regimented workout plan.  It felt good to have set goals and to log my accomplishments and I met all the requirements: C...
    by: cnomada on: 2012/02/13
  • Increase sets or reps?

    Workout 3 done and dusted... and I've found the exercises a little too I've added another set to most. Is this the right thing to do or should I be increasing reps instead?? Any suggestions? Thanks George - I've just created a new ...
    by: aimzy_fitness on: 2012/01/08
  • About my diet

    I try to watch what i eat. For example i eat the list above from monday to friday:  - My breakfast usually is a cup of tea, with a piece of bread with jelly, butter, etc.  - Between breakfast and lunch i try to drink yogurt  - For lunch i ...
    by: ichimug on: 2012/02/03
  • Diet

    I have always wanted to lose weight. I am not terribly fat, in fact, I am just average. But I wanted to lose about 20 lbs or just tone my body up. I llmost went on a fad diet, HCG Ultra Diet to be exact. But I am glad I 'chickened' out. I hate the...
    by: learn2love on: 2012/01/31

    Day 1: legs Day 2: shoulders Day 3: back + biceps Day 4: chest + triceps
    by: gorn.athlete on: 2019/09/19
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