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In the beginning

Posted on: 2014/01/13, 10:44 PM by: danaburgess
OK, This is me on January 10, 2014. Not looking so good. Knees are hurting. Can't get up off the floor without holding onto something. No energy. Thyroid problems. It is time to step up. So I have a few goals: do mud heroes (http://mudhero.com/) with my daughters this August; become the energetic, healthy woman I know I can be; keep up with my grandson at the park, on hikes, kicking a ball around, playing tag, etc. I am taking the first steps. Until I can afford a gym membership or it gets warm enough to be safe running outside, I am posting a daily challenge to my daughters and sister-in-law on facebook. Each day I push myself a little harder. I am 'flogging'. I am taking advantage of this site. I am posting pictures here so that I can see my progress and also to make myself accountable. Can't wait to see where the journey takes me.