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First day in the gym

Posted on: 2012/01/14, 03:51 PM by: cmraines
First day in gym and felt a little intimidated trying to figure out the machines that coincide with my workout. Had a gentleman comment on what me being on my phone during my workout, which wasn't the case...I was not doing! I was using my smart phone to track my workout! He understood once I showed it to him and apologized. Had to cut workout short to make it home for kickoff.


  • Cermakovia Cermakovia 2012/01/16
    Said gentleman needs to bone up on his technology and keep his mind on his own workout! Maybe he was tired and trying to draw out his rest period lol. That being said if he was in shape he probably would have helped you with the machines if you needed it. My hubby is one of those "big, intimidating, in the zone muscle guys" and he would probably stop whatever he was doing to help a "girl, lady, woman" out. Because most of the big intense guys are really into working out and are impressed when we are willing to jump on a machine or pick up a free weight.
  • cmraines cmraines 2012/01/16
    Thanks for all the advice guys! It does help to get the feedback :-)
  • glorivelez glorivelez 2012/01/14
    I totally agree with amyjaneagain... earphones on and focus on your stuff!! :)
  • kolhy kolhy 2012/01/14
    Congrats on your first day!! I remember my first day! It was similar to yours minus the phone :) You're not alone and do know it does gets easier! Stay focused on why you're there- everything else is irrelevant.
  • amyjaneagain amyjaneagain 2012/01/14
    I always think the best thing to do at the gym is ignore everyone else, get your headphones in and zone out. The gym I go to is full of really toned people and I have to pretend they're not there or I'd just sit on a treadmill crying and eating cakes! Well done